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1 4th May 18:00 (mali
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Default Question and observations

I am grateful that this newsgroup was created. I think this open
dialogue style may help a large venue of visitors. This venue can
assist individuals newly diagnosed with Borderline Personality
Disorder, supporters of one who has BPD, and as a reminder to veterans
of the ‘ground rules' that paved the road to recovery.

Many years ago, when I was first diagnosed with Borderline Personality
Disorder, I had a hard time ‘getting it' and this newsgroup would have
been great. People wanting to offer their support can learn a lot
from reading posts from a variety of people who are at different
stages of recovering from BPD. While in the DBT skills group therapy
settings and for a few years after, I had an excellent working
knowledge of your observations that make sense of contradictions and
chaos that you described above. Three years ago, I was told that I no
longer ‘tested positive' for Borderline Personality Disorder by a
third party evaluation. At that point, I worked on fitting in with
the mainstream of people to try and relate without bringing up BPD. A
large family event is stirring up bad vibes and I stumbled into this
newsgroup. I've been so far away from the BPD world that reading
posts was like running into a friend from 10 years ago. This
newsgroup refreshed the ‘ground rules' that I learned so many years
ago in those programs that helped me recover.

BPD will always be part of my life but I do have to keep it to myself
most of the time. I actually miss the BPD community so I hope this
will continue. Yes, I realize there are other venues, but this one
was easy to find when I needed it. From my perspective, this
newsgroup has great potential.

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