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1 19th January 23:53
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Default Question concerning "low-calorie" diets (calories weight)

Aug 15 2004 I weighed in at the Dr office at 297 lbs
( 6 ft tall, Male, 45 years old, large bones )
Since then I target 1200 calories a day
(frequently pass that target, but try to stay close to it)
typical day...
210 cal Zone bar in the am
salad with low cal dressing for lunch
210 cal Zone bar mid afternoon
300 to 400 cal Lean Cuisine meal for dinner
Coffee with a small dose of sugar
Occasional red wine, or mixed drink

I do not have a regular workout program
but I do fish three or four times a week from a small boat that is
pedal powered, I mow the yard and wash the car once a week,
and since I sit at a computer to work, I walk the parimeter of the
(large) office building on my breaks and after lunch,

I hit 242 ( lost 55 lbs ) about a month ago, and seem to be in a
holding pattern.

it seems like the more weight you loose, the less energy it takes to
propell you around from place to place, so if you do the same stuff,
you get less results.

guess I'm going to have to increase my activity.
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2 19th January 23:53
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Default Question concerning "low-calorie" diets (calories down)

OB1 -- seems like you're doing great!

I think your details might be slightly in terror -- On August 15, 2004
you weighed 297?

But getting down to 242 a month ago -- losing 55 pounds -- is

Jeez! Keep at it! In trying to figure out my calorie needs I have to
change the weightx(calories per pount) number because of weight lost.
It's not fair butI have to work harder at losing weight now than I did
when i was in the 270's. Oh, well!

Keep chugging along!


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3 19th January 23:53
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Default Question concerning "low-calorie" diets (calories exercise weight)

Gee, you're doing really great, and it seems like you have a sensible plan.
How long did it take to lose the 55 pounds?

Holding patterns are common when losing weight*I'm in the midst of one
myself. Remember that most weight is burned by basal metabolism, and that to
burn off significant weight with exercise can take a lot of time. A good
place to calculate cals burned by various activities is here:

I believe a lot of folks who exercise to lose weight forget to stretch. They
burn calories, build muscles, but forget that flexibility is part of fitness
and wellness too.

Three cheers on your progress; keep it up, and let us know how you progress.


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4 19th January 23:53
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Default Question concerning "low-calorie" diets (pound)

yeah, I mistyped
I was 297 on Aug "2003" (a year ago)

I've done a lot of things in my life, but actually loosing 55 lbs in a
year (while not sounding like much when you view it as about a pound a
week) has been literally "life changing"
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