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1 20th March 04:18
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Default Recovery for Reconnect? (peritonitis ileostomy)

Im trying to arrange for help and childcare while I have my reconnect done.

I saw the surgeon yesterday and he said to schedule for the first week of
March. YAY!!

Unfortunately, my husband cant take much time off (self-employed builder)and
I have NO family nearby. I have a good friend, but she has a young child of
her own.

With the perforation and peritonitis followed by ileostomy, my recovery was
slow (in my opinion). I was in the hospital post op for 6 days. I could
barely walk for about a week, then another week of extreme fatigue and
weakness. By the third week, I was feeling normal again.

Im wondering if this time I can expect the same. I will be able to be
sutured closed, so I wont have an open wound. Im looking at having help
while Im in the hospital (Dr predicts a 4-5 day stay, but said to plan for
7-10) and for about a week when I get home.

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2 20th March 04:18
paul m. cookę«
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Default Recovery for Reconnect? (morphine colostomy bladder rectum benign)

How long have you had the ileostomy? That is the key. How healthy is your
body after the peritonitis?

My reconnect was done on January 14, exactly 6 months to the day from my
colectomy for diverticulitis and peritonitis. I was in great shape, strong,
active and in high spirits. It was definitely the right time for the

I was in the hospital for 5 uneventful though very painful days initially.
3 days on the NG tube which ****ed as you know. I had a fever for 3 days
but it broke and all was normal the last 2. I availed myself of morphine at
every opportunity. The incision pain was the worst I think, much worse than
the first time. I started to pass stool the night of day 4. Not so much
blood as expected and normal discomfort at that point so I was released the
next day.

So now we are at the end of week 3 and I am just now feeling what I can
describe as good. The first week being home was mostly benign, just very
weak, tired and in need of 14-18 hours of sleep per day. The second week
was misery. The pain and cramping in the rectum was relentless. I also
developed bad hemorrhoids which made life even worse. I could hardly stand
up and walk for a whole week. I probably spent 4 hours a day soaking in a
hot tub of water. My rectum was out of commission for 6 months and the
process of it regaining function was painful. It lasted about 7 days with
me having to pass stool about every 30 minutes all day and sometimes at

During week 3 I started to feel much better, with much of the pain and
cramping subsiding. My bowel movements became much less frequent but still
somewhat urgent.

Incision pain is much worse the second time around. Cutting through all
that old scar tissue makes for a more painful healing episode the second
time. But it was controlled with ****gesics. I also developed a bladder
infection which is also normal and was eliminated with cranberry juice and
other fluids. Might want to stock up and start in on it as soon as you get
home. It really is effective.

OK, all that said I can tell you that you will need easily 3 weeks and
probably 4 before you really start to feel like yourself again. I would not
contemplate much activity for 3 whole weeks. I even got tired and winded
just going to the market for a few things. So plan on 1 full month. It's
less than the first surgery but it is still a major and invasive operation
that requires a lengthy recovery compared to other operations.

That's about it for my experience. Do ask the surgeon for as nice a scar as
he can manage. The closure from my colostomy site is really ugly and I feel
was done quite poorly. I'm told they improve in time but what the heck, I
have a 14 inch scar nest to it so I guess it really doesn't matter. Let him
know you want some artistry nonetheless.

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3 20th March 04:18
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Default Recovery for Reconnect? (intestine ileostomy)

did your colectomy remove all the large intestine (like an ileostomy) or
just the "diseased" section?

but i'm more curious about now, have your bowell movements returned to
what they were before you became "ill".

i've read in a few places that an ileostomate who is reconnected spends
much more time on the toilet than people with a normal bowell, to the
point that they spend more time on the toilet, during a 24hour period,
than they did at the toilet emptying their bag?

ileostomate 21mths
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4 20th March 04:18
paul m. cookę«
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Default Recovery for Reconnect? (rectum colon)

My sigmoid colon was removed - total of about 14 inches. My rectum was left intact.

Not yet. I get bad cramps and a strong urge to go still, but it is much
less frequent and the interval in between is more comfortable. My colon is
very touchy about the food I eat. Fiber is OK but things like leafy greens
and seeds cause upset.

If you mean the ileo-**** anastomosis, yes. That can have a very lengthy
recovery especially of the rectum is only partially remaining.

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5 20th March 04:18
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Default Recovery for Reconnect?

Ive had it for 4 weeks and by the reconnect will be 8 weeks out.

I feel really good now. So Im hoping to have a quick recovery.

The surgeon already mentioned how much better my incision will look after
this surgery. He didnt recognize my belly button while doing a dressing
change in the hospital and said "oh! thats your belly button! we'll fix that
next time".

I couldnt have any sutures so my incision is pretty nasty looking right now.
Next time he will close it up nice and tight.

Thanks for sharing!


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6 20th March 04:18
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Default Recovery for Reconnect? (intestine)

I have zero problems with my large intestine. So its not an ileo-****

Just a straight resection. He took out 6 inches of ileum.

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