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1 24th January 23:32
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Default REQUEST: What is the lethal dose of KLONOPIN ?? (panic down klonopin)

I know it's usually rated as Milligrams/Kilograms of the patient
[mh/Kg sometimes in an autopsy report], I am unable to find the lethal
dose even from the drug maker's websites.

Not even self-help websites will tell me the Lethal Dose of Klonopin.

From personal experience, once I ask the pDoc for more than 4-6 mg in
an entire day he balks and tries to talk me down to a lower daily

When in an obscene amount of panic for a three day period I took 12mg
of klonopin each day, which was more than double the prescribed
amount. All I remember is having no memories and being extremely
sleepy, I never felt "high" from those 12mg doses. The 12 mg klonopin
was taken very quickly in less than 4 hours of time.

So again, I am wondering what the Lethal dose of Kloinopin is???

Maybe one of you work at a hospital and can find out, or you're a
nursing stupid, perhaps in medical school?

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