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1 12th May 01:02
pain devine
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Default Ron Jeremy (crabs herpes warts)

There's a do***entary on Showtime about the **** star "Ron Jeremy" He's
actually a pretty funny guy... and nice to... But he said in the

"I got crabs once, and that was before I was in the industry. I never caught
anything while on camera."

But he also admits that he's probably slept with over 20,000 women! And most
of them without a condom!!!! OMFG! what a lying sack of shit. He HAS
herpes... period... there's no way he doesn't have it. And he HAS warts...
there's no way he could've avoided it. They are just too damned common, and
he has put himself at risk too many times. Unless he is immune (some people
are immune to HIV after all) there is no way in hell.

People are going to hear him say that and then think "Kick ass! If he never
caught anything..."
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2 12th May 05:58
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Default Ron Jeremy

Dude, I always wondered how many of those hot girls in the industry
have it. I'll admit it makes me feel better thinking a lot of them do.
Damn, that may sound f'ed up but I am honest if nothing else. I mean
why should I feel less confident about myself when I KNOW so many
people have it, right? Especially people like that Jenna.
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