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1 17th November 17:15
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Default septra helped me a lot ! (antibiotic)

when i started taking septra again for my mild acne it cleared up the
cold sores 90%

i need to do something about the remaining 10% (i have small cold
sores not visible but from up close)

now, i am considering taking more septra, instead of being tested and
prescribed herpes medicine.

but, i am already taking 2 DS (double strength) per day.

septra is a inexpensive antibiotic, by the way.

but, i thought antibiotics don't work for herpes??
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2 19th November 17:48
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Default septra helped me a lot ! (allergy)

Antibiotics won't do anything for herpes.

However, if your herpes outbreaks were being caused because your immune
system was busy working on something else....and then the antibiotics worked
on the something else...then your cold sores would get better because the
immune system was able to work on them again.

If you have only mild acne, I suggest not using antibiotics but instead,
looking at certain diet changes. The antibiotics may cause you more trouble
healthwise in the long run. Acne is a symptom, not necessarily the disease.
You need to find out what is actually causing your acne. For some, it can
be a food allergy. Sometimes it's because of an overgrowth of yeast in the
body - which the antibiotics make worse (acne cure makes acne worse...),
etc. For me, my horrible (waaay horrible) acne was all food related. As
long as I stay away from refined sugar, nuts, and anything with B12 in it,
then my skin is clear. It took me 36 years to figure this out.

Take care,
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