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1 4th July 01:12
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Default Sleep and CFS (renal depression hysterectomy heart cancer)

I just went back on anti-depressants about a week and a half ago. I find that I'm not in as much pain, and my sleeping is better. It takes a while for anything to happen to change the depression or my mood yet, however! I am noticing that I'm more careful in what I'm saying as to not set "certain people" off!! I was on some for a number of years but the one I was on, my cardiologist said it was messing with my heart. He suggested Zoloft and my psychiatrist agreed! Just 25 mg a day.

I just had to have my cat of 16 years put to sleep yesterday. I sobbed and sobbed at the vets office and on the way home. Today, I have a better attitude about it. She was sick and wasn't eating and was hiding in the closet all the time. It wasn't fair to her to let her suffer. Dr. Kevorkian definitely had a very logical and practical purpose on this earth! I haven't cried at all since yesterday. Have gotten a little teary-eyed, but I'm really surprised that I did what I had to do, and don't feel guilty. I miss her already, of course, but I don't miss trying to find her and wondering if she was dead someplace in the house. Or trying to find a food that she would eat a little of. My other cat hasn't mentioned a thing!! They never got along. For the first time in her life, the surviving cat is the "TOP CAT!" Unfortunately, she's sick too cause she's 17 and also has renal failure. I don't know if she's really noticed that my other cat isn't here!?!?

I also increased my estrogen and I'm feeling better. The brand I was taking, Ogen, just quit making it - kind of like the Armor thyroid I was taking last year! My gyn gave me a generic that wasn't working. I was just getting weaker and weaker. That's why I upped the dose. And I feel better for it. I have an appointment with her next week. She had told me some time ago, when I was trying to (unsuccessfully) wean off of the Ogen, and taking only 1/4 of a pill and feeling sicker and sicker, that they had found that it didn't matter what dose of estrogen you take, the risk of breast cancer is still the same. SO, I just upped it! I've already had a total hysterectomy in 1996 (coincidence that I got this dd 7 months later?) I believe that it was estrogen related.

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