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1 3rd June 06:36
External User
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Default Sphenoid Sinusitus (nasal)

I experience pressure between and behind the eyes, an unusual sensation on
the top of my head, a stiff neck, and a numb felling in my nose and upper
incisors. I have little congestion and some post nasal drip, but no
discharge from the nose.

I've had a CT scan which indicated "minor inflamation of the sinuses" My
doctor doesn't seem to take it seriously. My Net research would indicate
Sphenoid Sinusitus. Has anyone experienced simular symtoms?
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2 5th June 08:16
External User
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Default Sphenoid Sinusitus (antibiotic augmentin zithromax allergic headache)

Hi Ed,

Yes, you are not the only one.
I experienced exaclty the same complaints, and also my doctor does not seem
to take it really serious.
He just says: is must me some kinda allergie, but then, you can be allergic
for thousands of things, so we cannot test every single thing. He told me i
just have to live with it, get used to it, and the only thing we can do is
supress the symptoms.
I am now continously on nasonax, and the last antibiotic i had was a three
day cours of Zithromax (Azitromycine).
There fore i had already amoxxicline with clavulaanacid (Augmentin) etc.

For me, i get very tired when i have the pressurepain between my eyes...the
only thing i can do then is ly on bed.
Also with me i have pain in my neck..which sometimes goes up to the head and
feels like a headache.

What did you do to get rid of the pain???


"Ed" <> schreef in bericht
news:Xns93AF7B6195E1tick925earthlinknet@207.217.77 .24...
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3 20th June 12:37
mike & heather collins
External User
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Default Sphenoid Sinusitus

I have not been on the group for a long time but noticed this post about a
sphenoid infection and felt I had to reply. Your symptoms are typical
especially the neck stiffness and shooting pains on the vertex of the head.

Please get this sorted. many doctors know only about maxillary infection and
nothing about the other sinuses. I know it is extremely debilitating and
potentially far more serious than maxillary and ethmoid. A much longer
course of a broad spectrum antibiotic may be in order, along with the usual
decongestant, steam inhalation, extra drinking of water etc..

Heather Collins
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4 20th June 12:37
External User
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Default Sphenoid Sinusitus

Thanks for the reply ...
Is it normal for there to be no real congestion with this condition? The
sensation on the top of my head is not really a shooting pain as much as
it feels like a "tightness". The other prominent symptom is the numn
sensation in my nose and upper front teeth.

"Mike & Heather Collins" <>
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