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1 8th August 08:02
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1. She is not bound by social restrictions on behavior. She can behave
any way she wants, she can be silly and childish one minute while smart
and sophisticated the next. If a man try's to stray to far from what
society considers masculine he will be considered less of a man.

2. Women live longer, mostly because they don't take unnecessary
risks like men do.

3. Women are the object of desire, the thing to be chased after and
fussed over. A man is suppose to go seek out and approach women. It
looks weird if a woman approach's a man first.

4. Women can give birth, they can create life. True they can't do it
without a man but they do most of the hard work. Basically men are
nothing more than walking sperm banks in the eyes of evolution. Male
honey bees explode after mating with a female bee. They literally
EXPLODE. He has fulfilled his biological function there for he no longer
needs to exist.

5. Little girls do better in school than boys. They have a higher GPA
on average, and are more likely to skip grades.

6. People are more likely to rush to the aide of a woman in distress.
It's likely they would just keep on walking if it was a man.

7. Women are more in tune with their emotional states. They will cry
to relieve tension, this has been found to be vary heathy. Men have been
forced by society to keep their feelings bottled up. No wonder women
live longer.

8. Women will retain their memory and other mental functions longer
than men in old age.

9. A women can be depressed shy and insecure about herself, but still
be attractive to men. If a man is insecure forget it, no woman will give
him a chance.

10. Women complain about how if a man sleeps with 80 women he is
considered a hero but if a woman try's that she is a slut. First of all
if a man finds his way into the beds of 80 women he IS A HERO. Why?
Because it is allot harder for a man to get laid than it is for a woman.
Basically a woman can get laid any time she want's. She may not be able
to get love anytime, but *** is easy. Men on the other hand have to work
like DOGS to get laid. So if a man is lucky enough to sleep with 80
women he is a hero, or filthy rich.
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