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1 13th August 23:10
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Default "The Greatest Vitamin in the World" available NOW in the U.S.

Absolutely incorrect on both counts. Did you thoroughly read the web site

Per the web

The Greatest Vitamin in the World includes many nutrients, along with the
B-complex vitamins, to ensure that your body has the best fighting chance
against the damaging effects of stress. It includes vitamins A, C, E, and
selenium, which are antioxidants working together against damaging free
radicals. Vitamin C also is essential to adrenal gland function, and is
necessary for adrenal hormone synthesis and is often depleted with chronic
stress. We have also included Chromium, which supports vitamin C metabolism
in the body. Vitamin E is shown to prevent damage to the adrenal cells. The
minerals magnesium and zinc are key ingredients, especially in reducing
anxiety, fear, and even hallucinations in highly stressed individuals.
Selenium is known for its ability to decrease anxiety attacks.

Again, quoting verbatim from the web site:

Nutrition can play a vital role in people with diabetes, especially for
those with adult onset diabetes (type 2 diabetes). Chromium is an essential
trace element that is required for the body to have normal insulin
When the body has a chromium deficiency it can produce symptoms such as
impaired glucose metabolism, high blood sugar levels, lower HDL levels, as
well as many other problems. If your diet is high in refined sugars and
refined grains like white bread, you actual intensify the chromium
in the body. This is why we feel it is critical to include Chromium chelate
in each capsule. Unlike other formulas that put the most popular form of
chromium in their product "Chromium Picolinate", The Greatest Vitamin in
the World sticks with what the research shows as the Greatest form of
Chromium for your body even though it is not popular. The patented amino
acid chelated form of Chromium found in our product is absorbed and
better than any other form of chromium tested.

If you have diabetes, please monitor your glucose requirements closely to
see what reduction you have after taking these vitamins. The results may
shock you. There are many other ingredients included in this vitamin
supplement that are known to assist the body in areas which help assist in
blood glucose levels.

Gymnema sylvestre is another amazing herb that we included in our vitamin.
Gymnema sylvestre studies show an amazing effect on human blood sugar
with adult onset diabetics. In the past 20 years researchers have
that Gymnema sylvestre may even play an important role with people with
1 diabetes. Researchers believe that gymnema sylvestre may play a key role
in helping the body repair the pancreas's beta cells, which plays a vital
role in the production of and secretion of insulin into the body. Reversing
beta cell damage is something that no other herb has been found to
accomplish. And the great thing about this herb is that it doesn't seem to
have any effect on those who have a perfectly normal pancreas function.
Gymnema sylvestre is also known to help the body in blood body fat and
cholesterol levels!



Your point being, what? Nobody ever said the dosage of "The Greatest
in the World" is one tablet per day for all the benefits you will receive.
Almost every supplement that Atkins Nutritionals sells requires you to take
them 2 to 3 times a day.



Again, you're commenting without the facts. My suggestion is that you
thoroughly read the information contained on the web site. The vitamins
pills are not "discolored" nor do they render "an awful taste and smell."

"The Greatest Vitamin in the World" is a new product utilising Whole
Vitamins (not synthetic), Chelated Minerals (most absorbable for the body
be able to utilize ), Probiotics (good bacteria for the intestine which is
critical for the body's immune system ), Vegetable Enzymes (critical in
supporting the body in digesting all the food we eat ), all in one vitamin!

I wouldn't expect anyone to post criticism of it when you haven't tried the
product and you didn't bother to educate yourself on its tremendous

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2 13th August 23:10
kate dicey
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Default "The Greatest Vitamin in the World" available NOW in the U.S.

If you eat a well ballanced diet, NO vitamin or other dietary
supplements are necessary unless you have a specific medical problem.
Some conditions are assisted by dietary supplements such as starflower
and Evening Primrose oil (various rheumatism's, for example), and some
mild attention and concentration problems can be helped by things like
cod liver oil.

Eating things will not help you lose weight: NOT eating too much and
getting proper exercise is what helps you lose weight. The rest is
snake oil peddling.

Kate ******
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
Click on Kate's Pages and explore!
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3 14th August 22:45
buck naked
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Default "The Greatest SCAM in the World" available NOW in the U.S.'re using the website to prove that the website is correct?

You know..I've never had my hair set on fire...but I'm willing to think that
wouldn't be a good
experience. Face it..this is a scam.

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