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1 22nd September 19:59
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Default Thick, rubbery, clump brown mucus...what does it mean?

I found the attached post via a Google search because it is relevent
to the problem I'm having now. After visiting with my doctor and ENT,
who prescribed multiple medications and suggested numerous homne care
treatments, I continue to have to deal with a clogged-up left nose
which, after hard blowing, discharges clumps of this rubbery, stringy,
brown and reddish mucus. You'd think after being on an antibiotic and
prednisone regimen for a week that the infection would have died
already...but I continue to blow out clumps of the crud throughout
the day.

What the hell is going on???


From: C. RANDALL (
Subject: Anyone had this type of mucus?
Date: 2001-01-19

Sorry that this is kind of gross. I've had sinus/dental/ear/eye
problems for over a year now, with pain, burning, occasional chills,
irritation, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Dentists and ENT
Physicians aren't sure what is causing the problem...

The mucus or discharge is extremely thick and sticky, with a
consistency like silly putty, and comes in small clumps or strings,
and stretches like silly
putty also. I've never seen a nasal discharge like this before, and I
never had anything like it during the first 10 months of the problem
I'm having. Has anyone had a discharge like this before, or know what
might cause it? This stuff is really strange in the way it sticks
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