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1 19th September 03:21
joe okeefe
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Default Toxoplasmosis & Tinnitus (blindness toxoplasmosis tinnitus iris eye)

Is there any connection between Toxoplasmosis (a Toxoplasma Gondii
parasite infection) and tinnitus? Any thoughts on potential tinnitus
treatments if related to a previous bout of toxoplasmosis?

My tinnitus developed suddenly about 7 years ago. About 6 months prior
to this I had a case of iritus (inflammation of the iris) that took
about 3 month to cure. At the time my eye doctor assumed the iritus was
a sign of an underlying autoimmune disease since it is the most common
cause of iritus, and that I would likely develop chronic iritus.
However, the iritus never returned -- as it would have if it was an
autoimmune disorder -- so I now believe that the iritus was most likely
caused by toxoplasmosis. Although, I'm not sure if this can ever be

BTW my tinnitus is much easier to live with given that chronic iritus --
if it continued -- may have eventually lead to blindness.

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2 19th September 03:21
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Default Toxoplasmosis & Tinnitus (blindness tinnitus iritis autoimmune)

Anything that can affect the brain can possibly also cause problems
tinnitus. So there's a slight chance there might be a connection with
toxo and your tinnitus.

Were you ever confirmed about the toxo (there are diag lab tests for
Toxo mainly causes chorioretinal lesions (scars in the back of the
eyes), not
so much, if any, iritis involvement.

I wouldn't worry too much about the iritis if it's been 7 1/2 years
since the
initial episode. Recurrent and chronic iritis happens much sooner and
indeed usually secondary to an autoimmune systenic disease; I
suspect in your case it was idiopathic (without any apparent cause).
blindness from iritis is actually very rare.

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