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1 24th January 18:51
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Default Trivita - Junk ? (tongue)

Every time I turn on TV, I see more snake oil hucksters hawking this
"Sublingual B12" stuff called Trivita. They like the term "sublingual" which
apparently only means that you put the crap under your tongue (instead of B12
injection). This Sunday, I turned on TV and there was some phony "Christian
couple" interviewing some Jew schill "Doctor" who raved and gushed on the
benefits of Trivita. It was very slick, but obviously it was schlock.

My questions. Is Trivita hyped-up garbage? A scam, a hoax, another fraud?

If this stuff is any good, what generics or alternatives are there to it,
instead of paying their inflated prices?
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2 24th January 18:51
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Default Trivita - Junk ?

You can get B12 at your local drug store. Most people don't need more
than the RDA. If you do, due to some rare medical condition, you can
still get enough via taking massive doses orally. Or get the shots.

-- David Wright :: alphabeta at
These are my opinions only, but they're almost always correct.
"If I have not seen as far as others, it is because giants
were standing on my shoulders." (Hal Abelson, MIT)
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