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1 25th March 18:45
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Default TUNA vs PVP re: Retrograde, etc. (proscar ejaculation flomax)

I am on flomax and proscar. Prostatitis is becoming more of a
frequent problem and my uro has suggesested TUNA. I am very concerned
about retro. Right now am completely retro and would like to reverse
this symptom. One previous poster who had PVP stated that:

"The improvement is short of miraculous. One qualification. I do have
retrograde ejaculation. My uro informed me prior to the procedure
that there was a good chance this would happen. Laserscope has put
out data that says that only 25% of PVP patients suffer from retro.
My uro, and another uro I spoke to, claims it is more like 75%. My
sense, from reading this list, is that 25% is too low. I'm hoping
that I return to full function with time."

Medtronics website provides study data indicating that less than 3% of
TUNA patients have retro symptoms.

If you have had one of these procedures please post your retro results
as well as overall pros and cons and the flow, frequency and longevity
success of the procedure.

ps If you work for the equipment manufacturer of either of these
procedures, please do not post as I am looking for unbiased patient
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2 27th March 01:23
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Default TUNA vs PVP re: Retrograde, etc.

I believe you will find that retro will occur in patients with median lobe
enlargement when they are on drugs , after turp or after PVP

Its the conditions specific effect that causes the retro more than the PVP

For sure PVP offers a far superior way of treating BPH and at 5 months post
op i continue to wholeheartedly recomend it
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