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1 4th July 04:43
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Default VETERANS BENEFIT NETWORK (down eye impairment disability hallucinations)

Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General.

It appears honorable citizens are sick of fraud that is going on in
the Veterans disability claims process. When networks, VBN for
example, coach others how to cheat the system and deceive VA
examiners, real disabled veterans and the tax payer get cheated. The
VA investigators really need to take a hard look at that site and to
start monitoring it daily and go after those who cheated the system
and lied to obtain benefits.

Those who tell others to look up the VA schedule of Disabilities,
write down the symptoms and put them on an index cue card, and take
that card to your doctor and tell him those are your symptoms. To keep
doing this and then use it as evidence to obtain 100% compensation
based on un employability! That is what they do all the time.

If you question it, as Steam Jockey does you are told to keep your
mouth shut and that if you don't like the coaching to move somewhere
else and create your own board.

The Veterans Benefit Network did not start out doing this but over the
last few years it has been dominated with teaching and coaching
veterans how to fake a disability, especially un employability, and to
receive more money.

Teaching them to wear winter jackets in the hot of summer during the
medical examination, not to shave, not to shower, to fake tears and
make sure they write it down, coach them when to say it hurts, at what
stage, etc. This is the biggest disability cheat site on the Internet
for Veterans and Chairman of both the House and Senate Armed Services
Committee will be notified so that it will be monitored and V will
change her behavior whether she wants to or not.

This is tax payer dollars that are being tossed down the drain. Money
that could be going to deserving disabled veterans, not scammers. One
guy even brags how he yelled at his boss intentionally to get fired,
so that he could use that as evidence to convince to obtain VA Un
employability benefits. He can post on VBN for hours every single day
but he wants 100% based on mental illness.

Others who have been awarded 100% based on mental illness openly brag
about it and teach others how to get that rating and how easy it was.
If you question them that coaching is wrong you will be told to shut
up by the V twat waffle.

Note the below requirement for the 100% ratings and decide for
yourself whether someone with those listed symptoms would be able to
post on the Internet every single day, moderate forums, etc? It
appears VBN is leading and largest online coaching network and scam
group ever created on the Internet.

9440, 100%
General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders:
Total occupational and social impairment, due to
such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought
processes or communication; persistent delusions
or hallucinations; grossly inappropriate behavior;
persistent danger of hurting self or others;
intermittent inability to perform activities of
daily living (including maintenance of minimal
personal hygiene); disorientation to time or
place; memory loss for names of close relatives,
own occupation, or own name.......................

What happened is the opened the door to a bunch of certified scammers
and nutcase's from another known coaching site called Hadit. When that
happened the head twat at VBN fired all the mods who did not coach
others and puts mods in that would turn a blind eye to coaching and
teaching veterans how to cheap to earn benefits. I used to be a
moderator on VBN.

That is why it is called " Veterans Benefit Network". Although the
appropriate name would be, " Veterans Disability Coaching Network".

We had a few fighters on there, true patriots like Steam Jockey and
Texas Glory, Addamapple, Floeey, and several others who tried hard to
put an end to this obvious coaching process but V twat didn't want to
offend the coachers so she ordered everyone to cease the call for
coaching to stop and that if anyone mentioned it again they would
banned. She knows that is the prime purpose for VBN, to coach people
to get VA Disability benefits whether they earned them or not.

The lead twat waffle knows that if the coachers leave VBN no longer
exists because it is saturated with those who scammed the system and
whose sole purpose in life is to teach others how to obtain Veterans
Disability Benefits they did not earn.
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