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1 12th April 09:34
kevin b
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Default vibration massage for IBS (tendonitis)

IBS-C here
For the last couple days, I have been applying a vibrating pillow (intended
for foot massage) to my lower right side. It seems to ease discomfort and
help pass stools (a bit).

Just and idea.

(yes, I have had appedicitis excluded as a diagnosis.)

I have tried abstaining from caffine and carbonated beverages (boy that
makes my life a bore), but it only helped a little. Most of my lunches are
Fiber One cereal, which has helped a little.

I tried Pro-biotics, which helped a little, but I ran out and they are

I have wondered if withdrawel from pain medication for tendonitis
precipitated my IBS, but that's pure speculation on my part.

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