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1 28th March 22:11
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Default WANTED:The Most Healing Bang For My Buck (down grief)

Thanx, everyone--please keep 'em coming...however small or insignificant it may seem, someone needs to hear it. If not me--someone.

This is what we all want and need: THE MOST (HEALING) BANG FOR OUR BUCK!!

Looking at so many paths to go down--trying to let go and just listen for the answer. Cannot afford to throw away funds.

Could we have a more frustrating, confusing, controversial, emotionally draining diagnosis? (those of us who are lucky enough to have a diagnosis)!

Of course! It could always be worse.There are plenty of things I wouldn't trade for it. This is pretty bad, tho. For so many reasons...takes a big toll.

THANX so much to ALL of you who responded! I'm taking a lot more info w/ me than I had. And confidence. And I won't be alone.

Bob(?), think you did post this info recently, but I couldn't find it cuz the SUBJECT doesn't always match the body or topic...Thank you so much for coming forth yet again. Hope you always will for any of our "community".

Suzq, yes, been thru a lot,but EVERY life is challenged. Think humility is knowing this. This past year has strangley been both the craziest and the sanest I've felt in my memory. Weird, huh? Guess the crazy part is coping w/ and coming to terms w/ stuff you barely can. I know you understand. I don't know how you survived your tragic loss. Close friends just lost their sister and daughter(16yrs old--we were lucky to have her and try to focus on that). I do not know how they are functioning, tho...Seems supernatural or something..Thanks so much for the encouragemnt and strokes. Been meaning to send you same.

Also, I had gotten a wonderful degree, after some yrs, of recovery. About "half a life" was how I described it. Learned to PACE, appreciate, lots of good things. Then life threw me one loop after another with abxolutley now breaks. Just kept thinking,"hold on--this will be over by the end of the year...", but it never was...for 4-5 yrs.(give or take). Now back to remembering what I had learned, and thanks to you guys, learning even more every day.

Just need to throw this in. There is no justice in the courts. One can have a great case and lose. A horrible case and win. It's a crap shoot. With too few exceptions. Even the best intentioned of attnys.(the handful), eventually find out that it doesn't matter how hard they might work--so why try? Just file, sign, do***ent, win, or lose. What I just went thru was like grad school(she says laughingly,really). With cfs.

Also, looking into TMJ--good grief! Know I've heard of it a lot w/ cfs. But this neuromuscular dentist wants me to go to a sleep clinic, too. That sort of makes sense, doesn't it? Maybe, for some of us, it all starts w/ yrs and yrs of sleep deprivation. Then snowballs, cascades into so many ills. Just read here by someone, that some docs think if you can just fix the sleep...

Gonna try to get some now

Take care, all

Deej of The Woodlands
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