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1 20th April 05:21
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Default What are the internal medicine subspecialties?

What are the internal medicine subspecialties?

There are presently 15 subspecialties that are certifiable by
the American Board of Medical Specialists. Internists can
begin fellowships after completing their 3 year internal medicine
residency. Most residents apply for fellowship programs during the
beginning of their second year of residency

3 years of internal medicine training +:

Allergy and Immunology: 2 years
Cardiology: 3 years
Cardiology/Cardiac Electrophysiology: 4 years
Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology: 4 years
Critical Care Medicine: 2 years
Endocrinology: 2 years
Geriatric Medicine: 2 years
Gastroenterology: 3 years
Gastroenterology/Hepatology: 4 years
Hematology: 2 years
Hematology/Oncology: 3 years
Infectious Diseases: 2 years
Medical Genetics: 2-4 years
Nephrology: 2 years
Oncology: 2 years
Pulmonary: 2 years
Pulmonary/Critical Care: 3 years
Rheumatology: 2 years
Sports Medicine: 1 year
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2 22nd April 16:30
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Default What are the internal medicine subspecialties?

Sub species ?
If you find it's in your buddies specialty , not yours
what do you do , "refer" patient to your buddy ? ha ha ha
I see perverse $$$$ motives .

Just one of the unethical , Luddite motives all
Doctors/Specialists have ...
If Doctors treat the sick and make money , they destroy
society . Specialists are just a faster, "Luddite" way , to do this .
If they do not think about sick/paycheck
but about the healthy then they
HELP society by improving gene pool ,
and their paycheck thru a "higher" repute among
those who own property , work the hardest ,
are the healthiest .

Now they study how to help healthy to make
healthy babies , not help sick to make
babies ( ruin gene pool ) .

Govt controls , punishes all self study scientists /Doctors as
being threats to health of the public .
As if the Gov't knows better ?
All meds/drugs in America are worse than Europe , who has
less Tyrrany .

Scientists have collected an amasing database
of drugs/meds/poisons pushed by Govt ..

H.I.V. is a lie , no one has ever seen , proven HIV !!
How much tax did you pay to spread that lie .
Government !!!!
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