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1 29th March 22:47
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Default What is the new sleep apnea surgery I've been hearing about? (apnea diet throat palate snoring)

It's a new palatal implant surgery that's supposed to reduce snoring.
Probably won't do much for OSA. It's called Restore Medical's Pillar
Palatal Implant System.

A link to the news release you see below:{64396E8D-8877-45E0-97F5-732F7A0506C7}&VNETCOOKIE=NO

Restore Medical's New Snoring Treatment Cleared by FDA Patented
Implant System Offers One-Time Minimally Invasive Procedure For

ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan 28, 2003 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Restore
Medical Incorporated (formerly Pi Medical, Inc.) has received 510(k)
marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its
Pillar(TM) Palatal Implant System. This breakthrough minimally
invasive treatment is designed to permanently treat socially
disruptive snoring, a serious health and lifestyle problem afflicting
more than 27 million Americans and their bed partners. The company is
planning a general commercial release of the Pillar system in the
second quarter of 2003, initially focusing on otolaryngologists (ear,
nose and throat physicians) who treat snoring patients.

"For the first time, patients and their physicians have a minimally
invasive snoring treatment option that is designed to produce lasting
results after a single, brief, virtually painless procedure," said
Restore Medical President and Chief Executive Officer, Susan L.
Critzer. "Our clinical studies have shown that when our Pillar
implants are placed in the patient's soft palate, they alter the
palate's dynamic response to airflow and substantially reduce the
severity of snoring in many individuals."

The highly engineered, cord-like Pillar device is less than one inch
long. It is woven from a polyester material that has been used for
many years in implantable medical products. The implant procedure is
conducted in a physician's office using local anesthesia. In clinical
trials of more than 100 patients, the entire procedure lasted an
average of less than 10 minutes. Most patients reported that the
procedure was virtually painless and that they were able to resume
normal activities and diet the same evening. Unlike previous
treatments, the Pillar implant stiffens the soft palate without
heating or removing tissue.

Most existing snoring therapies have involved stiffening the palate by
scarring and removing tissue. In 2002, an estimated 140,000 such
procedures were performed in the United States. These therapies can be
effective for some patients, but many have to undergo multiple
procedures to maintain any benefit and others see no sustainable
benefit at all. The inconsistency in results can be attributed to a
variety of factors, including the unpredictability of scarring
responses among patients and the body's natural tendency to remodel
scars over time.

"Because of these drawbacks, only about one-third of patients who see
a physician about snoring treatment currently elect to have surgery,"
said Critzer. "Physicians and their patients need a better solution.
With our strong clinical results and a one-time procedure with minimal
discomfort, we are offering that solution."

Restore Medical believes that its patented implant technology may also
be applied in the future to the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
(OSA), a condition that repeatedly disrupts sleep. The company is
conducting research in this area. In addition, Restore Medical has
begun research efforts for the treatment of other upper airway

About Restore Medical

Restore Medical is a privately held company based in St. Paul, Minn.,
that develops and markets innovative devices designed to treat upper
airway disorders, such as snoring and sleep apnea. Restore Medical
manufactures the Pillar system in its onsite state-of-the-art Class
100,000 Clean Room. The company is ISO 9001 certified and utilizes an
intranet-based quality and product development system. Restore
currently employs a team of approximately 35 professionals, including
a dedicated sales team.

SOURCE Restore Medical Incorporated
-----end of news release----

Like I said, a treatment for snoring, but not really for OSA.
Doesn't help lateral pharyngeal airway collapse which is a big problem
in OSA. Unfortunately about the only thing that can prevent lateral
pharyngeal airway collapse (at our present stage of medical science)
is the cpap. In many cases the MMA will work as well as it pulls
forward and gives greater tone to the entire pharyngeal structure,
sort of like a pharyngeal "face lift". Ofcourse, the latter option
comes with a steep price in alot of ways, not to mention the fear

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2 30th March 04:28
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Default What is the new sleep apnea surgery I've been hearing about? (apnea)

What kind of 'source' did you 'hear' it from? Friends, doctors, etc.?
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3 2nd April 06:31
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Default What is the new sleep apnea surgery I've been hearing about? (apnea snoring)

My mother emailed me that she'd seen it on television on the program
"Inside Edition," where evidently it was touted as a treatment for
sleep apnea, though she may have heard "snoring" and interpreted that
as the same thing. Also, a friend of mine from said
he'd heard something about it on National Public Radio, though
searches of the NPR site have revealed nothing.
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4 2nd April 06:31
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Default What is the new sleep apnea surgery I've been hearing about? (apnea down snoring)

Using the information I got from Zombie in his post, I was able to
track down the website of the company, Restore Medical, of St. Paul,
MN. The radio piece evidently appeared on MPR (Minnesota Public
Radio), not NPR (National Public Radio), and the product is currently
for snoring, though according to the company website they are working
on products for sleep apnea as well. Could be interesting to see what
they have in the future.
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5 2nd April 06:31
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Default What is the new sleep apnea surgery I've been hearing about? (apnea)

Thanks for the clarification.
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