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1 26th January 05:17
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Default which drop to improve rgp lens comfort? (eyelids)

I get some discomfort with my RGPs. It is mostly due to my tear film. I get
enough tears, my eyes are never dry. But I have low TBUT and there seems to be
too much friction between the lenses and my eyelids (lenses are well fitted
though). I have done hot compresses, lid massages and lid scrubs for some time.
This improved the situation (but not enough). At the moment I am trying an eye
drop based on sodium hyaluronate. After 3 days I am seeing a real improvement
in comfort. My eye lids have less swelling and I have less lens awareness.

Long time ago I tried drops containing PVA and PVP. They had a positive effect
on the redness (actually better "whiteness" than with sodium hyaluronate). But
lens comfort didn't really improve. Would it be a bad idea to combine such
drops with the sodium hyluronate drops?

What do you think of sodium hyaluronate? Are there other drops which in your
opinion would work better? What do you think in general about rgp-wear and
eyedrops. Is it realistic to expect that a marginal contact lens intolerance
could be resolved with eye drops? I have been using the drops only for 3 days.
So I am not yet sure whether it will work or not. But so far I am optimistic.
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2 27th January 08:22
dr judy
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Default which drop to improve rgp lens comfort?


The best drop for you is the one that works. Ask your fitter for samples
and try as many as possible. Sorry, but tear quality varies a lot and what
works for one may not work for the next. If your problems is primarily lid
related, the scrubs etc are likely more important than a drop. Removing the
lenses at the eight hour mark for a quick clean and rinse may be helpful as

As for mixing drops, the major concern would be excessive preservative load.
If you need a total of more than four applications per day, switch to non

Dr Judy
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3 27th January 08:23
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Default which drop to improve rgp lens comfort? (doxycycline)

Consider punctal occlusion. Also, if it's a meibomian gland dysfunction
(symptoms you state are suggestive of this) , a possible course
of oral antibiotics( ie doxycycline) could be of help.

I don't think any rewetting agent will help your situation completely but it
sounds like the drops you're trying are helping so obviously stay with
these for awhile.

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