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1 4th May 20:10
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Default Why avoid wheat derivatives for celiac disease?

I have a doctors appointment in a couple of weeks for a problem that I
have with diarrhea. I suspect that I may have celiac disease. I'm
experimenting with a gluten-free diet because I want to stop the
diarrhea NOW (before I see my doctor). My stools (feces) are green. I
have high levels of bilirubin in my bood also. I suffer a little
fatigue. I noticed that when I removed gluten from my diet my
diarrhea stopped. I also had gas when I had a diet rich in gluten. I
think I was constantly drawn to eat wheat for some reason, kind of
like a weak craving. Maybe it was just me?
I don't understand why I just can't give up gluten. Do I really
have to eliminate all the wheat derivatives? Eliminating gluten is
hard enough. Eliminating gluten PLUS all the wheat derivatives is
unbearable. I'm already allergic to corn, dairy, peanuts, and
shellfish. Is there a place where I can order gluten-free products? I
would especially like it if I can order gluten-free, corn-free,
dairy-free, etc. I appreciate your time.

Thank you,
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2 4th May 20:11
rosemary hanger
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Default Why avoid wheat derivatives for celiac disease?

I talk to a lot of coeliacs every day through my business and it seems
to be a common problem that most of us crave the substance which is not
good for us, i.e. wheat.

As wheat (and barley, rye and oats - unless you can get pure oats, but
this is still debatable) contains gluten, you would have to give up all
products derived from all of these grains in order to give up gluten
(unless I have misunderstood what you said).

It's a bit hard a first, but gets easier as you get used to the diet and
the end result is worth the effort.

Rosemary email:
Melbourne, Oz
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3 4th May 20:12
my name
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Default Why avoid wheat derivatives for celiac disease?

Have a check for Giardia as well.

You know that some people are different.
Now ain't that a crying shame.
Wouldn't it be a real drag, if we were all the same.
Savoy Brown
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4 4th May 20:14
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Default Why avoid wheat derivatives for celiac disease?

Going Gluten Free has reduced my allergies (seasonal sinus) and some report
that their dairy allergies have subsided since going GF. Gluten is in so
many things that it takes a lot of investigation to eliminate gluten : malt,
MSG, soy sauce, some vinegars, even the glue on envelopes. Products that
don't have any gluten on their labels (in the USA) may still contain gluten
(curry powder, chocolates, sausage). Good luck to you.

Dave Ross
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5 11th May 19:18
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Default Why avoid wheat derivatives for celiac disease? (gluten-free allergies allergic celiac diet)

first of all: if you stop eating gluten, you won't get your diagnosis. So
keep on eating otherwise you won't be sure if you have celiac or not. There
are other diseases that may give the same symptons, so it's good for you to
get all tests for celiac done, so you can be sure if that's celiac or not.
It will make your life much easier, trust me! I know you may feel miserable
eating gluten right now, but it's necessary to be exposed to gluten at the
time of the tests, don't go gluten-free by your own without being sure.
Mainly because i feel that you are not ready to go on a gluten-free diet
either, since you crave the offending foods. With the correct diagnosis,
maybe will be easier for you to accept that you are forbidden to eat those
foods, otherwise you're jeopardizing your health. You know what I mean?

not just you! i've read the same thing in other groups for celiacs and have
talked to people that experienced the same. But the cravings go away after a
strictly gluten free diet, this in my experience. Also the cravings may get
back if you ingest hidden gluten. At my worst I was living only on the foods
containing gluten, it was the only thing that I wanted to eat, was like a
drug or something. I heard it has something to do about gluten being like an
opioid (sp) substance, so the brain craves more and more to get the regular
fix'. That's what happens to me with dairy too. It's scary

if it makes you feel happier, you are not alone. I'm celiac and after my
diagnosis they found out that I'm allergic to all dairy products and all
nuts& seeds. Pluss obviously the gluten, found in mostly grains and foods. I
live off vegetables and fish basically. Because a regular gluten-free diet
with starches doesn't work for me, my body can't digest starches like rice,
potatoes, sugar. Can you imagine? you on the other hand if you do have
celiac, in spite of all your allergies (which i suspect won't heal after
being gluten free, but there is always hope) may be able to eat 'starchy'
foods that are high in a regular gluten-free diet. If so there are plenty of
gluten-free breads, cookies, pasta, besides whole foods. Online you may find
tons of recipes, both gluten-free & dairy-free. If you're luck enough to
digest starches than you won't miss gluten, because there are plenty of
It feels unbereable, but i believe that if you have celiac and trust in your
body, you will associate gluten for being poison and after a while being
gluten-free, your body won't crave as bad as before...

depends of where you live! there are loads of healthy stores that sells
gluten-free/dairy-free/corn-free foods, try locally near where you live.
Also search online according to your location. Maybe someone here can give
you some tips?

Good luck and please try to get your diagnosis right. If you go gluten-free
without being sure of being celiac, you will never know and may be stuck in
a very limitating diet, unnecessary. Take care
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