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1 21st April 21:47
dracaena marginata
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Default Why do you people keep reinforcing Dracaena marginata (psychiatric)

And what bothers me is that people had no compassion
for me all the years that I was being arrested and tortured,
and people continue to have no compassion for me now
that the arrests and torture have ceased. And of course
you don't have compassion for the other people caught
up in the cycle of psychiatric abuse. Psychiatric abuse is
real and it is truly a horror, it happens under your noses
and all you want to do is pay the U of S tens of thousands
of dollars and get some type of diploma so you can make
some money out of this system as well.

God is involved in removing your forests, for you
turn trees into decorated idols and made me a
home in a psychiatric ward in an attempt to shut
me up about this and other foul traditions being
taught by your churches.

God is involved in removing your forests, for you
made me a home in a psychiatric ward and now
are unable to use any of the lumber to correct that

God is involved in removing your forests, for you
made me a home in a psychiatric ward and my
complains only result in you now threatening me
with wooden baseball bats.

You were warned for centuries that plagues
were coming upon you, and you were warned
that these plagues come as a result of you
people honoring traditions in place of God's
Commandments. You don't know the first
thing about thanking God for His trees, and
so it is fitting that God removes His trees from
you. So ho ho ho.

-Daryl S. Kabatoff
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2 21st April 21:47
dracaena marginata
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Default Why do you people keep reinforcing Dracaena marginata

You people used this group to push pagan traditions,
if you people think that you can use this group to
push pagan traditions, then I can use this groups to
defend God's Commandments. And even when
I have tried to use this group to sell items, people
shit on me without so much as a complaint from
you. -Daryl S. Kabatoff
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3 21st April 21:47
alan m
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Default Why do you people keep reinforcing Dracaena marginata (malaise)

If you can string together some coherent thoughts, you might elaborate upon
this alleged abuse Der, instead of sprouting general malaise. (The French is
codified Der to avoid the mind-sweepers).
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4 21st April 21:48
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Default Why do you people keep reinforcing Dracaena marginata (psychotic)

<<<snipped a lot of psycho crap from Shawn "pedophile-boy" Kabatoff>>>

The following (courtesy of is sort of an unofficial "FAQ"
explaining the psychotic nonsense posted to Usenet by Shawn Daryl
Kabatoff AKA "Dar", AKA "Probababbilities". And now AKA "marcia and

WARNING: Read below before even thinking about responding to this

Usenet has the tendency to provide a public forum for those who would
normally be scribbling in a closet. For example, take Daryl "Shawn"
Kabatoff. For the last few years, he's methodically gathered
"statistics" from various sources, ranging from local newspaper
obituary pages to the food court of the Saskatoon Midtown Plaza mall.
With all the raw data he's collected, he's attempting to prove daily
that our full names are in "mathematical harmony" with our birthdays.
His rants normally focus on a single individual he's met or read
about, starting with calculations related to their birthdate and full
names, blending in whatever other personal information about their
family members, spouses, birthplace, and career he's been able to
glean. From there, it descends into a mix of numerology, religious
zealotry, and personal torment. I've never seen anything like it.
With all the prime numbers, Fibonacci sequences and biblical
references, it's like reading the notebooks of Maximillian Cohen and
John Nash combined. Unsurprisingly, several posts unfold to reveal a
history of painful mental illness. If you have some time, take a look.
I've detailed his posting history and a several sample posts below.

Usenet Posting History:

January 27, 1999 to July 5, 2000 as

December 9, 2000 to May 4, 2001 as

Oct 30, 2001 to Oct 31, 2001 as

January 20, 2002 to April 17, 2002 as (original
posts have been

removed from Google Groups archive)

April 26, 2002 to Present as

Selected Posts:
Tessa Lynne Smith
Dastageer Sakhizai and Helen Smith
Brett David Maki
Andrew Meredith Cotton
Kathryn Lee Hipperson
Amanda Dawn Newton
Mona Marie Etcheverry
Tony Peter Nuspl
Lisa Charlene McMillan
Grant Allyn Wood

scarier still is that saskatoon is my hometown, though not my current
residence. and every single place he's mentioned in his posts (most
notably nervous harold's and the roastary) were either places i've
been (as it's a small city of 200K) or hangouts, ie. the two places
mentioned. chances are i could email some friends back home and find
out if they know of him, they (my friends that is) being of the
broadway-centred slacker ilk. myself, too, until i got out of there.
eh, anyways. thought it odd to see all this. midtown mall. i ate my
meals there, whilst waiting several days in line for star wars episode
one, at the theatre across the street.
posted by andy raad on May 22, 2002 06:20 PM

Fascinating. It's like he's trying to take chaos and bind it into
whatever rules he can find, religious, logical and otherwise. Numbers
and math have a reliable pattern, something that can always be proven
to true or false. People and religion do not. It reminds me of Darren
Aronofsky's movie Pi. It's the story of an paraniod genius who is
trying to find a pattern in Pi. A group that takes interest in his
work is convinced that the existence of Pi, a number whose existence
can be proven but no quantified, is proof of the existence of God.
Kabatoff's hunt for patterns in something as random as name selection
is a way to reconcile his deeply logical thought process with his
conflicting religious views.
posted by matt on May 23, 2002 11:19 AM

Exactly. I probably shouldn't have, but I e-mailed Daryl yesterday,
asking him if he'd be willing to create a numerological ****ysis for
me. I also asked him if he had seen either Pi or A Beautiful Mind, and
what he thought of them. If he replies, I'll be sure to post it.
posted by Andy Baio on May 23, 2002 11:24 AM

I baked many pumpkin pies for Shawn (he likes pumpkin pies). I rubbed
pumpkin pie all over my breasts for him, and my breasts turned orange.
I am a pumpkin for Shawn.
posted by Trisha Blondie on July 24, 2002 10:41 PM

Um, that's swell. So, you're in love with him?
posted by Andy Baio on July 25, 2002 07:10 AM

Shawn once went to a funeral for a Jehovah Witness that shot himself
and the lemon tarts were very bad, they were not only sour but were
rubbery as well. Shawn said that the guy was some kind of Jehovah
Witness prophet, he saw in advance that the lemon tarts at his funeral
were to be very very bad, and so he shot himself. Shawn said that he
never ate pumpkin pie at a funeral but would like to some day. Shawn
likes pumpkin pie and so I have been practicing to make very good
pumpkin pies.
posted by Trisha Blondie on July 25, 2002 02:49 PM

Shawn said that the lemon tarts were sour, bitter and rubbery.
posted by Trisha Blondie on July 30, 2002 12:32 AM

I don't think this guy takes notes. I think he has Total Recall, and
it has driven him insane...
posted by Todd Smith on December 26, 2002 11:00 AM

Oh... I almost forgot... I didnt spend thousands of dollars a day
tormenting Daryl... We got a deal on tormenting that fiscal year, it
only came to about 37cents a day....
posted by Dr Claw on December 30, 2002 01:56 AM

Mr. Kabatoff attempts to portray himself as a victim, but in fact he
is a violent predatory pedophile who is well known to his local law
enforcement. In his post to multiple newsgroups with the subject
"Collecting Mail For The Coming Anti-Christ", he encourages mothers to
send him photos of their ***** daughters. Mr Kabatoff explains, "I
personally did not want photographs being mailed to (the coming
Ant-Christ) that were of ******** children unless the parent was
signing consent." He is banned from virtually all the shopping malls
in his community because he stalks young people and ***ually harasses
them. He has an extensive arrest record which includes ***ual
molestation charges. He's been hospitalized in mental institutions
several times because he likes to accost "nubile cuties." He writes
about his contact with young girls in many posts. Search newsgroup
archives for posts by him containing the word "nubile". As part of his
harrassment, he provides personal details in a public forum, such as
the real names of real children, in these and other posts. About one
girl he met at a mall, he writes, "I wanted Callie in my bed or I
wanted her and her sister dead."
He not only curses children and prays for their death in his posts, he
also enjoys attending the funerals of young people: "And so, since
nubile sweeties are found in greatest abundance at the funerals of
high school students, then it is the funerals of high school students
that make the very very best funerals, especially if there is food...
I stuff my face (and my pockets) with all the good food and look at
all the pretty nubile sweeties and have the time of my life..
r=&ie=UTF-8&scoring=d&selm=LfXN8.63042%24R53.25142039%40twis ter.socal.rr.
Many of his posts are sent to alt.****s.advice. However, he liberally
spams, floods and crossposts his off-topic threatening and offensive
missives to countless newsgroups. Some people HAVE problems and some
folks ARE problems. Don't dismiss Mr. Kabatoff as a harmless nut. When
he sends these posts to any newgroup, please help by reporting him to
his ISP. Thanks.
posted by nospam on January 5, 2003 04:39 AM

I knew of him when I was attending the University of Saskatchewan.
He'd hang out in the Arts computer lab and all you'd see is screens of
numbers racing by on his laptop. I have an original copy of his
"Collecting Mail for the Coming Anti-Christ" pamphlet, and have seen
him be hauled away by campus security on more than one occasion. My
friends and I refer to him as "Crazy Number Man".
posted by Mr. Somebody on April 10, 2003 11:09 AM

I've been posting to (and about) Shawn for over two years with big
gaps in between. He has seen Pi and didn't like it and didn't think it
resembled him at all. (Wrong, it fits him to a tee) He doesn't have
total recall and has stated that he travels with a lap top to notate
items. Also, he uses "cut n' paste" a lot if you read all the way
through his ramblings. He is anti-social as shown by his angry
statements towards those who, by his own admission, have been kind
(but not kind enough) to him. Still, he's intelligent and seems to be
able to "take a joke" on occassion. That's where I came in.
posted by Gambol on May 19, 2003 02:22


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