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1 31st October 02:11
old goat
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain? (boil down)


Does anybody else wonder why it so hard to find doctors willing to treat
chronic pain patients? Or why honest patients with legitimate needs are
subject to suspicions by doctors and pharmacists? Why we have to suffer
from untreated or under treated pain, or why addiction is such an issue if
all the research says it so unlikely for real pain sufferers? Why does it
seem like drug abusers have more rights than real patients?

Well now is your chance to ask the government and medical community. If you
were ever concerned in any way, shape, or form please put your concerns in
writing, even if it just a couple of lines or questions. If you haven't
read the "Important FDA Meeting" post, please take a look at it, and write
something down to send in.

To boil it down the FDA is having a 2 day meeting on 9/9 and 9/10 about the
use of opiates in pain control. Day One is to be about the Oxycontin issue.
Day two is just about general use of these types of drugs in pain control.
And it could set treatment guidelines for doctors everywhere for along time
to come. They need to hear things from the patients point of view.

You don't have to belong to any group to voice your concerns. I hate to ask
anyone to do anything, but this is important. If you are concerned at all
about the use or availability of these medications, now or in the future,
for you or someone you know, you have to let them hear it, now. Or suffer
the consequences later.

For anyone who wants info from the original post, I pasted it below.

Thanks -- og

************************************************** **************************

Dear Pain Management Advocates:

In response to your request to be informed regarding regulatory and
other matters related to pain management advocacy, the following
meeting might be of interest to you and/or your constituency. The
FDA Anesthetic and Life Support Drugs Advisory Committee has
scheduled a meeting to discuss Risk Management Plans for opiate
****gesic drug products with particular attention to modified-
release products.

The announcement is listed below for your reference. The schedule
and contact information is as follows:

DATE AND TIME: The meeting will be held on September 9 and 10, 2003
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

LOCATION: Holiday Inn, Versailles Ballrooms, 8120 Wisconsin Avenue,
Bethesda, Maryland

CONTACT: Johanna Clifford, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
(HFD-21), Food and Drug Administration, 5600 Fishers Lane
(for express delivery, Rm. 1093, 5630 Fishers Lane), Rockville, MD

Telephone: 301-827-7001
Fax: 301-827-6772

Email: <cliffordj@c...> (that's just in case
this e-mail address gets cut-off)

Electronic comments should be submitted to:
Select "2003N-0294 Opiate Risk Management" and follow the prompts
to submit your statement.

Dockets Management Branch, HFA-305
5630 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20852.

AGENDA: See attached schedule for the details of the agenda for each

PROCEDURE: Interested persons may present data, information, or
views, rally or in writing, on issues pending before the committee.

Written submissions may be made to the contact person by September
2, 2003. (Anything before September 9th sure can't hurt).
Oral presentations from the public will be scheduled between
approximately 11:30A.M. and NOON on both days.

Those interested in making formal oral presentations should notify
the contact person before September 2, 2003, and submit a brief
statement summarizing the general nature of the evidence or
arguments to be presented, the names and addresses of proposed
participants, and an indication of the approximate length of time
requested to make their presentation.

For additional information, you can visit the FDA website at
<> and click on - Advisory Committee.

Follow the prompts to the September Calendar. You may also call the
FDA Advisory Committee Information line at (800) 741-8138 or, in the
Washington, DC area, at (301)443-0572. The FDA Anesthetic and Life
Support Drugs Advisory Committee has code number 12529.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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2 31st October 02:12
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain?

Personally I haven't. There are two very good to excellent pain
practices in my area. Both very concerned about there patients.
However, it did take me forever to find them. It's not like they are
roadside restaurants with giant blinking signs saying "Eat at Joe's".

One of the NP's in my pain practice office has been taking petitions
and will be presenting them at the 9/9/03 meeting. They currently
prescribe a lot of Oxy in their practice.



The wages of sin are death, but after taxes are taken out,
it's just a tired feeling.
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3 9th November 11:30
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain? (opiate methadone oxycontin cancer)

It is extremely important that people involved in both chronic pain management
and opiate addiction treatment voice their concerns at this hearing.

A huge part of the problem is the total LACK of opiate addiction treatment in
the USA. We have very effective medications to treat opiate use disorder, but
only 5% of the people who could benefit from these meds are "allowed" to access
them. So all these untreated opiate addicts just add fuel to the fires of
diversion, and this combined with the WOD mentality in the country, make this a
huge mess.

I am currently helping a friend who is a methadone maintenance patient, with
over EIGHT YEARS in compliance at his program, who has been diagnosed with lung
cancer. He is having a huge problem finding appropriate pain relief, or a
doctor who is knowledgable about treating a methadone maintenance patient with
chronic pain. And the ordeal he has had to go through to get his oxycontin and
MS contin scripts filled, and this is in WASHINGTON DC, our NATIONS CAPITOL. I
did not realize how bad things had gotten. I had dealt with almost the exact
same scenario with my DH in 1993-94, prior to the advent of Oxycontin and the
OXYCONJOB and boy have things changed, for the worse.

We all have an obligation to tell the FDA whats going on, on the ground.
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4 9th November 11:30
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain?

Thank you, sweetie. Always been a major concern to me. I appreciate you
posting this!!

Hugs (of course)

Nada G
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5 9th November 11:32
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain? (vicodin down)

Thank you for posting this. I prefer to be an activist rather than lying
down and suffering in silence, alone.

My internal medicine doctor, and original vicodin prescriber, hated doing so
as he told me he feared I would become addicted. I pointed out that he had
a pamphlet distributed in his office lobby regarding pain management that
said that people with chronic pain had to take pain meds to cope with the
pain and that that was not considered addiction. He was happy when I
finally got transferred to the pain management clinic and he no longer had
to take responsibility for prescribing opiates to me.

However, my pain management doctor is on vacation and after a cortisone
epidural injection, my lower back pain is even worse and I made the vicodin
prescription stretch as long as I could but finally called in for a refill.
Her nurse did not want to refill it when she found out that I had been
arrested for a DUI for prescription drugs, even though I have not been
charged with that, and she flatly told me that if I was taking opiates I
should not drive at all. I told this nurse that my doctor had not said so
and I trusted her and had not asked this nurse for her opinion and to please
just do the refill. She put me on hold and conferred with her supervisor
who, thankfully, approved the damned refill.

I am so tired of being treated like a strung out addict when I am not one
and even if I were I'd still deserve more respect than this. Of course I
will email the FDA with my strong opinions on this subject.
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6 9th November 11:34
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain?

The words you wrote really hit home with me. I thought being treated like a
"strung out addict" was the way chronic pain patients were supposed to be
treated until I came access this Pain Management Clinic I am with now.
Thanks for posting this.

John K.
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7 14th November 00:21
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain?

I think health care providers use the term "drug seeker" or "drug
addict" when they can't figure out how to help you deal with your
pain. It shifts the blame to you to cover up their incompetence and

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8 14th November 00:21
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain? (opiate)

Excellent point Ted. I wonder how often this does happen. There are many
chronic pain sufferers who require opiate therapy and do not receive it.

Those of us that are fortunate enough to have adequate pain treatment, should
be fighting for that right for those who don't.

Like so many things though, some people think, "well I have good pain
management, that's all that matters." It is so important that good pain
treatment be available to ALL who need it. I will continue to fight for proper
treatment for everyone....not just care about myself.

Sue or email:
and now a group for family, friends and caregivers
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9 19th November 02:07
g r jenks
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain?

For years I suffered with pain... Then I was sent back to the Pain Doctors
at the VA.
Finally they located the issues, and found that they were not correctable
via surgery. That leaves me in taking medication for life.
The pain doctor said that these opiates just bring me to normal, and can
drive, walk, and get around.
Before them, I was told to suffer it out... and that I am a drug seeker....
I hated being treated like a damn druggie.
Taking medications correctly is not abuse, nor do I get any high. Now, in
the Pain Foundation, I read that following pain meds while having pain does
not lead to addiction. But, did worn about addictive personalities:
Smokers, drinkers, etc...
I was glad to read this post, because we are so unrelated to. People that
are normal and have hit their toe think that is the greatest pain... Boy,
if we could transmit our pain levels over they would most likely die of
Well, Best wishes to all. Oh, my pain doctor said that many doctors are 15
years behind when it comes to pain issues for chronic pain people.
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10 19th November 02:07
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Default Why is it so hard to find help for pain?

This happens a lot. It's a crime. I have a friend who is a workman's
comp lawyer, and he said they OK your back surgery, and when it goes
wrong, they bail out on you by either labeling you as a drug seeker or
a malingerer. The system is set up so that the back docs can make LOTS
of money off the government doing questionable back surgeries, but
there is not much money in chronic pain care.

Gee, we messed you up, too bad! Um, I had twenty surgeries that day,
maybe I was a little tired when I did yours...sorry, and by the way,
go screw yourself...I'll be in Cancun playing golf while you lay
around and watch Jerry Springer, you poor, miserable drug fiend!

Case in point - I reopened my 1996 workman's comp claim this winter,
they tried to prove I had reherniated my disk picking up a baby or
something. When it showed it was epidural fibrosis, failed back
surgery, facet joint disease, they said that I was "medically stable"
and essentially a "problem drug seeker" just because I had gone to a
pain clinic and had been on the dreaded Oxycontin! Case closed! Ted
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