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1 10th March 12:33
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Default Why The Nelson Denny Reading Test Is Not Good to Determine Reading Disorder (psychiatry eye)

I want to tell you about the Nelson Denny Reading Test. I don't
believe that it is a good test to test for Dyslexia nor reading
disorder. I will tell you why.

First of all,that test is multiple choice. I have another word for
multiple choice. It's multiple guess. I do guess a lot on multiple
choice tests. I often guess correctly. Multiple choice tests don't
work on me because I guess on that stuff without even really knowing
the answer. I will even go by how I feel too. I am very intuitive
feeling type of person. I don't know if you know about Myers
Briggs,Kiersey test,or Jungian Typology. According to those tests, I
am an INFP which is Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver. I rely a
lot on my feelings and intuition. That has helped me to get through
school when I was growing up. However due to my severe auditory
Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, I had a hard time using it as much. After 3
yrs of special education,I was able to compensate. That's the thing.
I am a remediated/compensated Auditory Dyslexic,Dyspraxic.

The 2nd reason the Nelson Denny Reading Test is not a reliable test
is because there was stuff on that test that I read before. There was
stuff on Carl Jung and Homer which I read before. I am serious about
that. I read a lot about Carl Jung,and I have a book on Carl Jung. I
am very much interested in Jungian Psychology because I am very
spiritual. I feel that the psyche has a spiritual component,but
psychiatry doesn't really recognize the soul. I knew about Homer. I

because it appealed to my vivid imagination. Like Dyslexics, I think
mainly in pictures. I don't know if I even told you that. I think in
pictures and visualize in my mind's eye nonstop,and that's what I do
to help me understand what I read or else it makes no sense for me. I
have poor natural comprehension of what I read when trying to figure
out through linear,verbal reasoning. I need images,pictures,and
visualization to help me understand. Many Dyslexics do that to

The 3rd reason the Nelson Denny Reading is not reliable is that
people can go back to the reading passages when they are answering the
questions. That's what I do. After reading the reading passages, I
don't remember what I read,and so I go back to the reading passages
and find the answers from the reading passage. That helps me answer
questions correctly. If you had made me read a passage(whether
silently or outloud) and asked me questions about it(orally or
written),I would have extreme difficulty answering the questions. You
would realize that I do have a reading problem. That's a way to find
out if somebody has a true reading problem. You just can't do that
with multiple choice reading tests. A person with a reading problem
can be easily discovered by seeing that he has problems with fill in
the blank tests without use of reading passages to help him remember
what he read.

I don't believe that multiple choice reading tests are reliable
standardized reading tests. The 47 percentile in Comprehension on the
Nelson Denny Reading test could have easily been 20 percentile and
even less if there was no material on that test that I knew
before,haven't guessed at any of the stuff,and didn't go back to the
reading passages. It would have definitely been much much lower if the
test was all fill-in-the blanks. If you had asked me orally without
me looking at any papers, I would have had extreme difficulty.

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