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1 10th May 13:04
External User
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Default Would you suggest cytomel?????

Sami...I am kind of in the same boat as you, I was dxed with hashis/hypo with a
TSH of biggest symptom is muscle and joint pain.

I have been on 50 mcg's for 5 weeks...the first 2 weeks I felt better and then
worse again. I have been doing reading all over the net and it seems that it
can take quite a while for our bodies to heal...even up to 18 mos (This is said
in the Thyroid Solution also).

So, I am not sure if I should just hang in there on the Synthroid or ask for
some T3. I also read that if we have healthy livers (which I do), we should
convert to T3 fine.
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2 10th May 13:05
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Default Would you suggest cytomel?????

I've been on Thyroxine for about 5 months now and am currently taking a
150mcg dose. I have suffered alot with muscle and joint pain throughout,
however, I started adding T3 (20mcg) about 10 days ago and have since
noticed a definite improvement as regard to the pain, in fact last Sunday I
actually had no pain in my feet and legs at all as oppose to constant pain
for the last few months.
So, maybe a dose of T3 is in order - Good luck


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3 10th May 13:06
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Default Would you suggest cytomel?????

Newbie to the group here. I've been on Synthroid for over 20 years!!!!!
I've developed more and more problems including arthritis. I've been trying
to convince my PCP (who really is a great doc!) that there's still something
not right. What ammo do I need to get a trial of Cytomel?

Mary Margaret

I've been on Thyroid meds now for 12 weeks in that time I started on
Levoxyl .025mg after my 6 week blood work we raised it to .05mg.
Although when I started out on the meds, I really wasn't hypo in blood
work but I was very hypo with symtoms the worst being the lack of
reflexes brain fog and muscle weakness. I've had a whole blood work up
on other things so this is the problem. I'm feeling much better but
the weight gain, and join aches, and tiredness is still a problem.
Here are my first set of tests.

Thyroxine 5.4 (4.5-12.5)
T3 uptake 0.94 (0.77-1.17)
FTI 5.1 (3.5-14.6)
TSH 2.40 0.40-4.00)

After 6 weeks on Levoxyl .025mg

Thyroxine 6.9 (4.5-12.5)
T3 uptake 0.99 (0.77-1.17)
FTI 6.8 (3.5-14.6)
TSH 1.75 (0.40-4.00)
Free T4 1.25 (0.80-1.90)
T3 1.0 (0.7-1.7)

Dose raised to .05mg Levoxyl need blood test in July.

Any advice about starting the cytomel would be great....Thanks Sami
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4 10th May 13:08
External User
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Default Would you suggest cytomel?????

only 12 weeks on Synthyroid is way way too early to be asking for Cytomel
It takes at least 9 months of Synthyroid before anyone can know whether you
may benefit from Cytomel
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5 12th May 15:51 (amethyst
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Default Would you suggest cytomel????? (levoxyl)

Sami, I started out with Levoxyl too. I was on it for 6 months & I felt no
difference in symptoms even though my TSH was decreasing. After 6 months I
asked about adding Cytomel & it made a huge difference. For me, the muscle &
joint aches went away, the brain fog lifted, I had more energy, & less
swelling. This worked well for 2 years & I got put on a once a year schedule.
During this past winter I became hypo & decided it was time to try Armour. I'm
now on Armour & feeling great. If you want to talk, I'm on AOL too just e-mail
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6 12th May 15:51 (amethyst
External User
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Default Would you suggest cytomel????? (thyroid)

Try printing out the New England journal of medicine article on the subject.
You might also want to get a hold of the book The Thyroid Solution to show your
doctor parts of the book where T3 is discussed.
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7 12th May 15:52 (amethyst
External User
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Default Would you suggest cytomel?????

I tried it at the 6 month point. Within a week I noticed slight changes for the
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8 12th May 15:52
External User
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Default Would you suggest cytomel????? (triiodothyronine hypothyroidism thyroid)

Hi Mary Margaret,
there is an article in the New England Journal of Medicine February 19 1999
which discusses the addition of t3 for thyroid patients. This might be
worthwhile. It used to be available on line and I'm not sure about that
now; try here (you have to register) to see if you can still access it:

"The Effects of Thyroxine as Compared with Thyroxine plus Triiodothyronine
in patients with Hypothyroidism" authors: Bunevicius,R. et al.

In the Conclusion: "...partial substitution of triiodothyronine for
thyroxine may improve mood and neuropsychological function..."

Where are you? In the UK - if so there is something by Toft but it will
take me a little while to find it. Would you like it too?

Kindest regards,
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9 12th May 15:53 (betty
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Default Would you suggest cytomel????? (synthroid)

This seems like a strange answer to me. I knew in less than 6 weeks
that Synthroid was not doing the trick. Some people are more
sensitive than others. I felt the improvement only lasted about 3
weeks, then stopped, so I think it's different for everyone.
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10 11th August 07:24
External User
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Default Would you suggest cytomel?????

Why is it that docs do not want to try what we suggest? Are they in
fear that we will not need them anymore? After all we are now dependent
on them for the rest of our lives to give us a perscription of
something. Are they control fiends? My first doc point blank said no
way to t3.
It is 2 1/2 years now since radiation. I finally found a doc that would
let me try armour after I suggested going from levoxyl to synthroid. I
am docter hopping and that totally pisses the docs off.
I can't order my bloodwork-though I must have it. I cannot perscribe
the medication that I need or want to try. It is my body. They are
trying to help in their textbook fashion.
I am the one going through the pain of med change, body change.
I guess that I am just supposed to be happy to be alive.

Just venting :-) It is frustrating.
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