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1 1st June 15:22
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Default You peopple (tinnitus down cholesterol disability weight)

You people keep dumping on Dr Stephen Nagler because of his actions re

a. he pointed out that someone hadn't sought treatment in 5 years.
Well, that is exactly the points any doctor would make regarding a disability
He says he is in constant pain from the hammer blow to his finger but he hasn't
seen a doctor or gotten an Rx for pain. He has only bought one bottle of
Tylenol in 5 years. Would you vote for disability?

b. She was in constant pain and suffering since the accident. Couldn't work.
The psychologist who counseled her kept telling her to leave the subject and
get on with her life.
She showed up at the hearing with 40 E mails / day telling of her pain and
suffering and how she was mistreated, etc. The JUDGE said if she could do all
that she could work and dismissed her disability suit.

c. Where the workers are aware of the costs, they see to it that the disability
is real. When the workers own the factory, AFTER the doctor - he is not a
factory owner - says the worker is disabled, then the workers decide yes or no
since the money is coming directly out of their pocket.

"It doesn't cost anything . The insurance company is paying. The government is
paying" . Wrong. It does come from your pocket.

d. the worst thing a physician can do is to allow disability when work is the
best therapy. Any study shows that during strikes, layoffs, etc the chemisty of
the body goes down, the muscles atrophy, the weight and cholesterol goes
through the roof. Do any of you think that sitting home listening to your
tinnitus and drinking is better than being out there in the workforce, being
useful and distracted? I don't .

So get off Dr Nagler's back and think about how you would vote if the money
came DIRECTLY from your pocket.
The points that Dr Nagler makes are the same ones that are made in any
disabiliy claim every day.
there isn't a single reader here who hasn't done better when he did his best to
get on with his life.

More important, as in California, so much goes to those who could work that the
really incapacitated workers get among the lowest awards in the US.
Murray Grossan, M.D.
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2 1st June 15:22
External User
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Default You peopple (tinnitus down disability)

Read this message to the end, Muzzy. You deserve to.

On 29 Sep 2003 04:59:02 GMT, entconsult@aol.comnospam (ENTconsult)

Don't leave out his brutal attacks on people who disagree with him,
his releasing part of one individual's medical records, his contacting
Social Security and illegally using someone's Social Security number
to get their caseworker's name, his trip to Canada to try to
incarcerate an individual for what was clearly an idle threat that got
out of hand, and his stating that he keeps files on people incase he
has to sue them.

Yes Muzzy, a real gem of a human being.

I believe you have your facts wrong. I believe the problem was that
the individual, on the recommendation of his own doctors, wouldn't try
Nagler's treatment. They probably laughed at Nagler. Nagler blew a
gasket [what a shocker] and the now infamous "What I Intend to Tell
the Judge" thread was born.

I hate when you make me do research on Nagler. Below are some
interesting exchanges that I found. **************************
Eva Quesnell <> wrote:

**My ???? How does Nagler know the guy wouldn't be approved? I also
read some items where it seems clear to me that Nagler doesn't know
the process of obtaining SSI at all.

**My ???? I thought Nagler was not this guy's physician. Am I wrong?
Assuming that I am not how does Nagler know why someone saw 19
doctors? It sounds more to me like the guy was trying to find answers.
In case you have forgotten, Muzzy, you doctors are apparently wrong half the time.

**My ???? STOP THE CLOCK! This find is interesting. I read right here
that Nagler recently called the guy a fraud and that he was reporting
him for fraud. What happens when someone agrees that a patient is
disabled and then calls them a fraud? Talk about opening a can of
worms for themselves. I'd be worried about that move. I believe that
this guy will eventually self-destruct. I wouldn't be surprised that
he has another insurance policy and if he can get his license yanked,
he collects on it. Now that would be typical of his conduct, IMO of

I think the term would be "hostile witness." Give me a piece of this
lawsuit. Where is Rhaj? Can one claim insanity in a civil matter? Or
is lying about someone to the government a criminal offense? Life
evens out. Nagler got some guy named Lix charged in Canada. It seems
only fitting his arrogance could bite him in the ass.

My ????? What disabled person would not like to be better? But how is
Nagler in a position to make anyone better? Nagler's clinic closed. So
let's say that someone went to Nagler and they got their SSI and
someone else didn't go and was denied their SSI because of it as
Nagler wishes because people haven't tried everything? Do they get a
new hearing because Nagler's clinic closed down? After all, Nagler was
claiming that people could go and get effective treatment, it appears.
This issue reeks of the wrong person having too much say about other
people's problems when their own seem significant as Terri has pointed
out. And he tells her to seek help. That's just another bad medical opinion, IMO.

My ???? I do not believe that there is a treatment for tinnitus. I
wish there were as I would beg, borrow, or steal to pay for it. But I
would imagine that Nagler's tinnitus center was a so-called
"respected" center. But it closed down. So much for "respected
centers" being the basis upon which benefits should be awarded. Again,
I fail to see where anyone's benefits for any ailment should hinge
upon some online "doctor" demanding that they go there or be denied
benefits. This is extremely bizarre. So maybe, Muzzy, this is where
Nagler made his enemies. Just a thought.

** My comments: I'm thinking that Eva saw this as I just have.

************************************************** *
Back to Muzzy's ramblings:

Muzzy, what are you speaking about? If someone has a medical condition
that makes them apply for SSI, then why would their doctor be making
points against them? Remember, you only get it right half the time,
you doctors. Now I did read where Nagler - when selling TRT - claimed
that applying for disability benefits was counter-productive to his
"treatment." Well, given that his illustrious clinic is shut down I
suspect that was likely more his opinion than anything else.

I'm looking for a word here. Look it up if you don't understand. The
word is hyperbole. You just tried using it to make your stoned-dead
example sank. Also, not enough data, Muzzy. Did his doctor
prescribe medication that he did not take? Were there reasons? Maybe
religious ones even?

Did you refer to this psychologist? That's just great help. Someone is
in constant pain and suffering and she is told to leave the subject
and get on with her life. That's just grand. Why does this Nazi like
compassion ring in your messages?

Who did this happen to? Or did you make this up? I say you made it up.
Maybe she was suing Dragon Speak to help her with the messages as it
types well for some voices. Maybe her psychologist told her to not
crawl up and into a ball and since she was house bound, the Internet
was her lifeline. But you - not knowing Jack about it - are leading
disabled people who read your message to worry that they have to make
themselves worse. It's a pretty lousy example by a pretty lousy man.
You have a woman in constant pain but you have only a psychologist
treating her. As to the e-mails I think I read where Susan Fein said
people were encouraged to use the Internet.

And how, Dear Dr. Muzzy, does that happen. Or are you only speaking of
doctors in a medical practice confirming or denying that it is real?
You see, workers can't be the ones to decide. You are having a glaring
moment of stupidity here, Muzzy. This is so lame of you.

Muzzy, where are you speaking of that workers decide about disability?
Muzzy, are you now, or have you ever been a member of the communist
party. Rather than take that brain of your and post ridiculous
examples, prove they are not by revealing where something like this
takes place in the Western world. C'mon Muzzy. You have been nothing
but mouth about how people can't back things up. Your examples don't
exists and I'm calling you on it so people reading this who are
thinking of applying for benefits - whether it be now or later in an
archive search - don't read your post and think they are frauds like
you seem to think most applicants for SSI are.

Hey Muzzy, when you practiced medicine did you accept insurance? Did
you ask every patient before they made an appointment if they were
really sick because you didn't want insurance premiums to go up?

You, Dr. Grossan, are IMO a God damned hypocrite. You lined your own
pockets and took money from the insurance companies. Did you ever send
them back a check?

I think that the worst thing anyone reading what you are saying here
is to take your words as Gospel. If I were to apply for disability for
a malady I am not asking my doctor to "allow" it. I'm going to ask if
he agrees that my malady affects my life to the degree that I can no
longer work.

Doctors like you think you are gods, don't you? Here's a newsflash,
Muzzy. Doctors kill at least 93,000 patients a year according to a
Harvard study. I read another study where they said the Harvard
numbers were probably half. A recent study seems to back this up. It
stated that doctors get it wrong 50% of the time. But you Muzzy, and
apparently Nagler, think you should be people who decide whether or
not to "allow" disability? I think the government decides that.
Reading your words makes me glad that they bring in a judge to look at the medical facts.

I don't think you know what some people with disabling tinnitus go
through. But I noticed you referenced "drinking." Are you a two
martini man, Muzzy? You sound pickled to me.'s that for an answer. Don't like it? Life with it.

Nagler creates his own problems. The recent comments to William Nunn
are just another example, But he's finding good company when I read
the crap you have posted.

I would have the brains to know that I couldn't vote as I am not
qualified to vote about someone's disability. I am not a specialist in
their area of their problem. I don't know the SS requirements for SSI.
But I have always heard that benefits are tough to achieve unless you
are really, really sick. But your words were just a strong advocate
for people to oppose disability for people. Your such a great human
being, Muzzy.

Muzzy, here is a simple question. Were you ever paid by an insurance
company to examine the insured and render your medical opinion on
whether the company should pay the claim or deny it? It;s would be
called, I believe, and IME [Independent Medical Exam} The doctor gets
paid good money to write a report that is often pre written. Ever done
an IME exam, Muzzy?

And the fact that money might come out of my pocket for the disabled
doesn't matter at all. I pay into the system. If someone is disabled
they also paid into the system. Now, why don't you get so irate that
you stand on the corner in LA with a sign stating "Stop Illegal
Immigration Benefits" if you want to do something constructive and
keep insurance costs down.

And there was the part that really pissed me off, Muzzy, as you
sounded like the Nazis you recently accused others of being. Just who
the hell are you to know what a person is or is not capable of and
what they may or may not be doing? What might appear to be malingering
to one person might actually be 110% of what that person can do. Maybe
taking their garbage out to the end of the driveway and helping their
small children with their homework is all they can do. But to you and
Nagler - absent limbs missing - they must be frauds. Just look at
them...they look just fine. "Put them to work, eh Muzzy."

You think you are god. You'll meet him one day. Ask him for
f****veness. You equate - with your comments - that a disabled person
needs to be put to work because they can't be a productive member of
society by your standards if they are not employed. To Muzzy the
following equation apparently applies:

Disability = Not contributing to society

Well, I'd like to say something for a niece of mine who was disabled
and died at age 22 from the disability she had the last 5 years of her
life, and who contributed more to the lives of the people around her
than you ever could you old heartless bastard, I offer you a since
response. GO TO HELL YOU BASTARD! That's for her because people like
you would have had her worrying about taking your tax dollars. Eighty
years old soon, eh Muzzy. How many of your kids can't stand you, but
hope they are still in the will?

Martin Aquinas - know who the real Nazi thug is
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3 1st June 15:22
External User
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Default You peopple


A hearty thanks for an excellent reply to Murraydamerchant!

May Murray, Nagleshithead, and Chinnass all get some incapacitating
injury or disease in the near future.

All three are disgusting, filthy, lying, self centered s***bags that
should die horrible deaths.

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4 1st June 15:22
stephen nagler
External User
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Default You peopple


That's bullshit.

I didn't require that he try anything.

I asked him to CONSIDER trying either masking OR TRT, neither of which
are "my" treatments.

He refused to consider it.

I should have left it at that.

Stop lying.

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5 1st June 15:22
External User
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Default You peopple

**** You and all that that *** ****ing Nagler stands for and as for anyone
else that stands up for him I will destroy you all
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6 1st June 15:22
External User
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Default You peopple (down heart cancer)

-I asked him to CONSIDER trying either masking OR TRT, neither of
are "my" treatments-

You're so full of shit that it's rolling down the sides of your ugly
bald headed face you lying buffoon!

You repeatedly threatened Steve Conlon, and made endless ****ing
demands of him. You're a shitfaced ****in disgrace!

Hopefully you'll wake up with ****in cancer or heart disease in the
morning you useless piece of lying filth.

And your "Terri, get some help" routine is ****ing boring. People are
not stupid here, thay KNOW you are a filthy disgusting piece of shit.
A social outcast that deserves whatever ill comes you're ****in way.

How the **** do you live with yourself anyway jerk off?

Go to the garage, and shove a hose over your tailpipe and breathe in
for an hour. Do us all a big ****in favor s***bag.

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7 1st June 15:23
External User
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Default You peopple

martinsock ("I don't believe I have slurred Murray at all") has another episode:-

2 late..

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8 1st June 15:23
External User
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Default You peopple

I think it is funny as hell you post as kelly here and they think you are

;-) In fact they are sure as hell they have it figured out.. Terri must be

See ya


~*~ The A.S.T. Motto ~*~

"Never wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and the pig enjoys it."

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9 1st June 15:23
External User
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Default You peopple

<<<I think it is funny as hell you post as kelly here and they think
you are


So does everybody else!

It's just another form of Nagleass's DENIAL. He's a shitstained
pockmark on the human race. It's quite simple really.

I thought I was Yoli reborn as Terri?

Or was that MARTIN, imitating Yoli? Or Yoli Imitating Martin?

Or Chinnass, imitating Terri as Martin as Yoli?

Or Nagleass, imitating Yoli, so that they think it's Terri or

Or murraydamerchant Imitating Terri as Yoli as Chinnass as ..... well

**** .... Now I'M CONFUSED! Who the **** AM I anyway? (Bring on the
trolls! LOL)

No matter how ya slice or dice it, NAGLEASS IS AN ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE
that should choke on his own putrid vomit in his sleep tonight!

Whadda ya think?

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10 1st June 15:23
External User
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Default You peopple


Too damm funny

I take the 5th


~*~ The A.S.T. Motto ~*~

"Never wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and the pig enjoys it."

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