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1 4th August 14:38
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Default ovidrel (HGC) trigger shot (ovulation intercourse)

I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me understand this
better. After my u/s on CD12, the nurse will determine when I should
give myself the "trigger" shot. Last month I gave myself the trigger
shot on CD14. I understand that Ovidrel releases the eggs and also
helps pinpoint the exact time of ovulation. But, how do they know I
won't have my own natural LH surge on my own before I give myself the
trigger shot. Back in the day when I used to use opk's I usually had my
LH surge on the CD12 or CD13. They have us abstaining from intercourse
until the exact time (36 hours after the trigger shot) and it worries
me that i could surge before the trigger shot and therefore have the
timing for intercourse be wrong. Can anyone shine some light on this?
Does everyone else worry about every little thing like i do......
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2 6th August 00:00
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Default ovidrel (HGC) trigger shot (sperm ovulation)


Yes, I think worrying is par for the course with IF treatment. The
ovidrel as you know will cause ovulation approx 36 hours later. They
know when to give it usually based on both u/s of follicles AND E2
blood tests.... it is possible to O early (I did twice!) which they
will detect on the E2 tests, and they also have antagonists (another
shot) that you can use if they think there is a danger of you ovulating
early. *MOST* people don't, and the clinics are pretty good and
knowing when the time is right, so to speak.

I do know that when we were doing IUIs, we were told to have *** the
night of the trigger, and *then* to abstain until the after the IUI.
Theory being to have some sperm there just in case, I guess. After my
early ovulation problems, I also began to have back-to-back IUIs on the
morning after trigger, and then the usual one the following morning.
Doc did'nt think it would help, but made me feel better about things
just in case.

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3 6th August 00:00
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Default ovidrel (HGC) trigger shot (stress)

My doctor had me monitor with opk's before the ovidrel, but I also had
daily bloodwork because they didn't always show a surge. If you are
unsure, ask your doctor. And yes, I worry and stress and make lists
about everything! At my IVF seminar I was taking copious notes. My
doctor commented and I said "I just want to make sure I understand and
remember everything." Even with as much info as possible, I *still*
worry about have more questions. Good luck! -Leighann
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