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1 10th July 06:32
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Default are you normal?

i snagged the following from another group. food for thought.

From: "Bodhisattvacat"
Subject: The insanity of normal people
Date: Friday, 07 May, 2004 01:27 PM

I am currently involved in mental health treatment, and I am
consistently encountering mentally ill people and alcoholics comparing
themselves unfavorably to normal people. At an AA meeting recently, a
woman said, "It's normal not to cheat on your boyfriend. It's normal to
stay out of jail." A person told me in the program I'm attending that
he is trying to have a normal life, but because he's not normal -
because he has a mental illness - he has to work at it. I am sure there
are many people who, thinking themselves normal, regard this as only
natural. Lest they feel too smug, allow me to consider the lives of
normal people and whether or not they are worth emulating.

I lived for six months in late 2002 in an upper-class neighborhood in
Leesburg, Virginia with a girlfriend and her kids. Out of our normal
neighbors, there was a 60-something normal married man who called
himself a big dog and made passes on my girlfriend; a normal woman
who, in addition to her normal second husband, had five normal
boyfriends; a normal man who brutally beat his normal wife every day
and broke his normal son's jaw; a normal woman who constantly screeched
at her normal husband and told my girlfriend's daughter to dump the
boyfriend she loved because he was black; and a normal woman who
threatened me with violence. In the entire neighborhood, it was the two
of us, a 26-year-old psychotic poet and a 46-year-old artist, that had
the best relationship, being compassionate to each other, making art
for each other, cherishing each other and having lots of fun. The
neighborhood looked at our relationship as abnormal and at theirs as
normal. The logical conclusion to draw from this is that normal
relationships are worthless, and only in abnormal relationships like
ours is it possible to have spirit, fun, beauty, passion, excitement,
caring and ecstasy.

Lest my sample of normal people be biased, and lest the conclusion I've
drawn be incorrect, allow me to speak a bit about the activities of
normal people around the globe.

In rural India, the normal families drench with gasoline and set on
fire the young wives with whom they have displeasure. It was not too
long ago that the same normal people burned widows and tolerated a vast
crimial underworld that ambushed travelers, befriending them only to
choke them to death and make off with their possessions. These same
normal Indian people are coming to the United States right now and feel
righteous enough to attack the West's noble tradition of people
choosing whom they will marry and what career they will have, nevermind
it is the people in the West who chose their careers in computer
science that have created the jobs they are taking - and that their
disgusting tradition of arranged marriages (as my friend called them,
arranged ****s) can only be, and is, sustained through gross violence,
degradation and abuse.

In Africa, the normal people cut off the normal young girls' genitalia.
It gets worse; for the same normal people enslave normal kids in Sudan,
give ******l fistulas to normal women in Congo, cut off the arms of
normal people in Sierra Leone and ****, torture and disembowel normal
people in conflicts throughout that continent. A normal African
relationship consists of the man getting drunk or high all the time and
brutally beating his wife, while his wife works in the fields all day
to provide food for an average of seven children per family in a
continent full of starvation. The normal children begotten through such
reproductive practices grow up to slaughter each other, struggling for
resources that their normal leaders steal to buy villas in Riviera.

In Brazil, the normal policemen use sewer children for target practice,
and normal ranchers kill natives just to clear the land in order to
ranch on it for two years, after which it becomes unusable and they
have to clear more land and kill more people. In China, the normal
party officials beat people to quadruplegia for the sin of practicing
meditation and force women to have abortions in case they have more
than one child. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the normal Muslims throw
sulfuric acid in the faces of women if they wear makeup or argue with
their husbands. In Japan, the normal families who have relatives who
are mentally ill keep them locked up in their homes, never giving out
their secret to anyone and denying them the treatment they need to live
productive lives.

This is just part of the update on what the normal people are up to
around the world; but let's also look closer to home. In the American
high schools, the normal kids use and demean *** to play cheap status
games with each other, with the kid who has *** with five girls he
doesn't care about considered the stud - and the girl who waits to get
laid until she finds someone she loves considered a loser. The young
women are under pressure from the media to hate their bodies and from
feminists to hate men, to also hate *** and use it only to keep their
boyfriends, then get shrewish with their boyfriends for making them
have *** with them and tell their daughters that men are out there to
use women for one thing only. Normal American soldiers in Iraq ***ually
abuse their prisoners and think that that will get the Iraquis to want
to be their allies. The normal American consumes in such quantities
that, had the world consumed at that rate, there would be required four
planets the size of Earth to provide all the resources. And this is
just off the top of my head.

And throughout this, the normal people believe themselves sane,
rational and responsible and claim that they are better than people
who they think are abnormal. They always say that abnormal people are
evil, dangerous, irresponsible, weak, criminal or insane. But their
record speaks for themselves that these, in fact, are their own
qualities. The use of abnormal people as scapegoats allows normal
people to indulge in their nastiness and feel righteous about it,
rather than working together with abnormal people to create social
covenants that are intelligent, workable and humane and reflect the
best designs and the best values. Being normal is not all it's cut out
to be. I think I like being abnormal. I don't get to share in the
heritage of the normal people - and can make one of my own.
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