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1 6th April 01:54
back pain suffer
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Default Flaming Information (personality down)


Bliss Ninny
Bliss Ninny doesn't understand why people just can't get along. While it is
entirely unintentional, Bliss Ninny's utterly vacuous comments can drive
the more pugnacious Warriors into a frenzy of aggression. Often in the heat
of battle Bliss Ninny will discuss her cat.

Therapist can be a highly annoying and therefore very effective Warrior.
Instead of making a frontal attack, Therapist attempts to shift the focus
of the conflict to the combatants' psychological motivations and problems.
He will freely speculate about other Warriors' insecurities, personalities
and relationships, but he will almost never directly engage the subject of
the dispute. CAUTION: Evil Clown, Imposter and Troller often masquerade as
Perv is a relatively rare Flame Warrior and is very secretive. He incites
trouble merely to keep people talking to him. He can be very difficult to
identify, but one big tipoff is if he seems less interested in what you
have to say than what you are wearing.
Fragile Femme
Fragile Femme is very needy and insecure and regards the discussion forum
as her personal support group, and will lash out when her feelings are not
"validated" by the others. Fragile Femme will often refer to the forum
participants as her "family" and becomes distraught at disharmony of any
kind. She regards even minor disagreements with her as devastating personal
assaults and will often dissolve into hysteria when confronted. Her
hyperactive sense of injury renders her fighting tactics fairly
ineffective, but Innocence Abused, Cyber Sisters or Weenie will often
spring to her defense.
Troller is looking for a response...ANY response, and he will chum the
waters with complaints, insults, compliments, and inflammatory tidbits
hoping that someone...ANYONE, will take the bait. Generally quite harmless
- practices a form of catch and release. Nonetheless, he can upset the
delicate ecology of a discussion forum. Once a forum becomes aware of his
presence, however, all feeding activity ceases and Troller must move on to
more promising waters.

Grammarian usually has little to contribute to a discussion and possesses
few effective weapons. To compensate, he will point out minor errors in
spelling and grammar. Because of Grammarian's obvious weakness most
Warriors ignore him.

ALLCAPS attempts to compensate for his limited rhetorical weaponry through
the extravagant use of capitalized words - something netizens refer to as
SHOUTING. Sure, a sprinkling of capitalized words can add spice to an
attack, but overuse is like too much tarragon in the stew. Even worse from
a tactical point of view, too much shouting alerts other Warriors to the
opponent's verbal WEAKNESS and emotional EXCITABILITY.
Jerk is sarcastic, mean, unf****ving and never misses an opportunity to
make a cutting remark. Jerk's repulsive personality quickly alienates other
Warriors, and after some initial skirmishing he is usually ostracized.
Still, Jerk is very happy to participate in electronic forums because in
cyberspace he is free to be himself...without the risk of getting a
real-time punch in the mouth.
NNo one knoweth whence cometh the Peacemaker, nor whither he goeth. He
restoreth peace unto the people. He seeketh neither praise nor glory, but
only that all might love one another and that the lamb might lie down with
the lion. Anyway, some Warriors have a talent for pouring oil on troubled
water. CAUTION: Beware of false messiahs.
Troglodyte is an aggressive Philistine who categorically disdains all
new-age enthusiasms and politics, and has a particular animus against
"homos", "tree huggers", " hairy-leg ***** feminists" and artsy types. His
loud brandishings of "common sense" and "reason" are nothing more than
conceits to justify his close mindedness. Troglodyte's fierce, but
predictable attacks are easily parried by more nimble Warriors. Sometimes,
just for fun, Weenie or Issues will taunt him into a towering rage.

Archivist saves and squirrels away each and every discussion forum message.
Do you remember having a bad day back in 1996 when in one of your messages
you may have said a few things that were...well, perhaps a little...hasty?
Don't worry, Archivist still has it and will post it to the forum if you
begin to get the upper hand in battle. Archivist can be a very effective
and fearsome Warrior.

Seen it all, done it all. Can't remember none of it.
A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning
of a new one.
{To reply place "LivingInPain" on the Subject Line}
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2 6th April 01:54
External User
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Default Flaming Information

BPS - I may be stepping out of line here, but please... we don't flame in
this forum. We don't fight in this forum. This kind of post, though probably
meant to be humorous, could be taken wrong and start trouble. Thanks!

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3 6th April 01:54
External User
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Default Flaming Information

Molly. Thanks. I was wondering if this was serious or just one of those
humorous things, but I did not like to say in case I upset someone
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4 6th April 01:54
External User
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Default Flaming Information

I know what you mean - I hesitated to say anything, then decided to take a

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5 6th April 01:54
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Default Flaming Information

It appeared in the "other" group a couple years ago...would probably
be appropo right about now too. :-)
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6 6th April 01:54
External User
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Default Flaming Information

this has never been a problem before, Gruff, has it?
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7 6th April 01:54
External User
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Default Flaming Information

No Goromoff it hasn't.
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