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1 5th May 00:29
jann yvonne thomas
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Default recommended literature for depression...

Dear Dr. Phil,

I saw the current show on clinical depression and wanted to have some
recommended literature on the illness and its appropriate medication. I am
currently under a programme with my own doctor but would appreciate any
secondary advice. I am especially interested in literature that may
enlighten me with regard to the root causes of this illness. Its always
been a mystery to me. Especially in how it appears so arbitary, but
lingers like a veil of sadness and loneliness with such intent. I have
tackled it for almost 35 years.
All advice will be helpful,
Regards, Jann Thomas.
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2 5th May 00:30
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Default recommended literature for depression...

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When did Dr. Phil have a show on clinical depression? What part of the
US do you live? He's running re-runs here in Houston on NBC. And I
don't see any signs of his having had a show on clinical depression
from his website. Tell me about it, and when was this on?


On 26 Jun 2003 09:35:01 GMT, jann yvonne thomas <>

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