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1 14th June 06:05
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Default CP (stress prostate)

I have ball and back pain and have been diagnosed with Prostatitis. Does
anybody else feel tired? this really wears me out. I've also felt just
slightly dizzy on and off since sometime last year. I had CP a few years
ago but it wasn't as bad-it finally went away on it's own. My recent
flare up started in November. I think the stress of work has something
to do with it. Has anybody switched jobs and felt better? also which
food and drink irritates the prostate the most? Thank You!
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2 14th June 06:05
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Default CP

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3 14th June 06:05
elton fan
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Default CP

Different people will report different foods and activities which
trigger flare ups. The most commom foods cited are caffine, alchohol
and spicy foods. Others report wheat as a trigger food. I've not
switched jobs yet, but my aim is to find something that involves less

For a more complete list, goto
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4 14th June 06:05
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Default CP (peptic ulcer stomach)

alright i will tell you how to relieve the ball and back pain
if you have ben checked out by the dr,and he has found no problem
then here is what you must do.chances are you do not have
prostatitis at all. there is however a problem with your bowels
that is causing deferred pain into your back and testicles.
now here is what you have to do.
take 2 zantacs in the morning on an empty stomach with a large glass
of water.
take 2 zantacs in the evening on an empty stomach with a large glass
of water.
take 2 digestive advantage IBS chewable tablets over the counter at
your friendly drug store 2 times a day.
call me tomorrow morning and i'll bet you feel a lot better.
chances are that you have peptic ulcer disease and this is causing your
pain.this is what stopped my ball and back pain and i had it really
if you don't follow my protocol,you are doomed to suffer.

your asshole buddy
fatty mawson
the "fatty mawson institute for advanced prostatitis studies"
located @ 6444 MILITARY HIGHWAY
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