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1 20th September 08:44
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Default Buttermilk?

Hi there,

I am new to this group, so I want to tell you a little about my case.

I have had psoriasis for about 5 years now, and it started after a skin
infection at the leg. First my hands were affected, and I could get rid
of that by just taking a good hand cream, but then I had it on my feet,
toe nails and elbows, and a little at the neck under the hair. The
doctor tried to cure it with cortisone, and that helped first, but it
came back even worse a while after stopping the cortisone therapy.
Since then I have not been to a doctor again (but of course I do not
want to recommend that here to anybody. It is really great if you have
a good doctor, just go there). I have tried many things, been taking
cur***a, Rubisan and so on. (Cur***a is great, but did not help me with
the psoriasis, but my memory and concentration is much better again
from taking that).

Last Sunday I had a little sunburn on my forehead, and so I put some
buttermilk on it, and thought I could try it out on the psoriasis, too.
I really have the feeling that this helped, and that from one day to
the next! It is much better!

I have two smaller spots at the ends of my little fingers, two smaller
spots at my elbows, a little under the breast, and there are also some
spots in my neck - but these are all minor things. My feet are the
worst parts, especially the right one, and it is on and under all of
the foot, and the toenails are affected badly.

I will let you know how this all goes on now and if buttermilk really
helps me or not in the long run. I appreciate any opinions of persons
who have experimented in that direction.

For one, there is no itching anymore.
For two, there is no infected spot anymore.
For three, it looks much better now and the skin feels even and soft
w/o crusts or open spots (but it is still a little redder than the
For four, it is really easy to apply and very cheap, no prescription or
doctor needed.
For five, I am happy and have new hope to wear open shoes maybe this or
next summer again.

I thank God for the buttermilk. :-)


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2 20th September 08:44
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Default Buttermilk?

Welcome Wikidee!

What is rubisan? I've used cur***in for a few years and love it, but
recently my current trial has been about taking supplements out
to see what the effects would be.

Ok found your link,

Oregon g**** for the skin. Good stuff i've read. How much do you use?
How often etc?

I'll see if there are any current links for a p news post today.

I felt that way with wheatgrassactive spray. But like with most topical
things I did hit a plateau and slow rebound. Still, after every shower
I was addicted to using it. A mild antispetic has a place in the
arsenals of skin afficted folks, if only for placebo reasons if nothing else.

Sorry to hear. We have some good posts on nails in the group.
You may want to add your own keywords to narrow the hits,

Using buttermilk which is loaded with sweet whey may encourage
topical flora on your skin to lower staph and strep (the bad flora).

People with atopic dermatitis have found relief with seabuckthorn.

Many of those folks have also used kefir and yogurt as topicals to
further relief.

Yet many of us have a very strong Th1 ( T helper one cells) component
our psoriasis and folks with severe atopic dermatitis are skewed to the
Th2 side
of immunity.

Yet upstream of both conditions their are areas where we over lap and
some meds/herbs/etc seem to help both I.M.I.Ds. (immune mediated inflammatory disorders)

Congrats. Please keep us posted.

Have to love that four steps to heaven.

I caught a guy starring at my ankles (minor P) the other day. I almost
stopped to
chat, but felt what the heck. It's not bad now so what do i care?

All he knows, as far as i know, is i have some flaky skin on the ankles

Big deal. Who cares? Yet at some point i do care. Have to admit it. And
even care a bit about those areas when their little as well....

Psoriasis is a head trip no mattter what level your at.

As we do for your sharing that with us.

__________________________________________________ _______

Why don't I use this space for P News today?


Let's go back and find some milk posts.

Goats and peanuts!

Here's that link i promised above.

Rubisan -- Oregon g****.

Oregon g**** preparation should your milk toPical results slow down.
Or you can't get the german topical.

Steve Bernstein and other researchers from the Dermatology and Cosmetic
Center in Rochester, New York conducted a randomized, double-blind,
placebo-controlled study using a proprietary topical cream prepared
with Mahonia aquifolium.

This plant, also known as the barberry, Oregon g****, or berberis,
grows wild in North and South American and Europe. It was initially
used in American folk medicine as an oral medication for inflammatory
skin diesases including psoriasis and syphilis.

Of the 200 psoriasis patients enrolled in the trial, 97 completed the
12-week course and 74 completed the same regimen using a placebo cream.

Bernstein and his colleagues traced a statistically significant
improvement of the signs and symptoms of moderate plaque psoriasis
compared with patients receiving placebo. The medication was well
tolerated when applied to the affected area twice a day for twelve
weeks. No significant side effects were reported by either the active
or control group.

The researchers concluded that the cream containing Mahonia aquifolium
extract is a safe and effective treatment for mild to moderate



What do you do when your P is really out of control?

Here's a guy who turned his 90% involvement in to an asset,
At age 15 Kevin would suffer a bout with chronic psoriasis that would
grow to cover over 90% of his body. As you might expect, for months
during his sophomore year the gym class teasings and school dance
moments were nearly unbearable for him. In Kevin's autobiography posted
on he says, "My life's goal was to be a rock star, but
very rarely do you see rock stars with hundreds of red lesions all over
their body especially lesions that would peel and bleed and itch and
burn every minute of everyday." Only through a miracle drug, Tegison
(which has since been pulled off of the market because of the potential
risks of permanent liver damage), would Kevin be given relief from his
condition - unfortunately, as Kevin will candidly admit, there
wasn't a miracle drug to cure the "lingering affects of the
emotional damage." Bur**** has said that, "This sort of pain that I
carry is the fuel that creates my songs." Though Kevin's music
isn't particularly religious and deals with themes such as drug
abuse, divorce, and abandonment, many fans who listen to and love the
music have described the sound as 'spiritual rock.' One fan even
posted on Bur****'s MySpace page that 'Kevin Bur**** rocks my soul!'

Wouldn't you know that his BIG HIT song is "in your cocoon"?

At 90% Pasi, it may as well have been coming out of the egg shell.
Or we all live in a flaky white submarine.

Singing the P blues for this fellow has paid off and provided a nice
social life.

Seems like a bit of a busy fellow all in all.

He should slow down, find a wife and grow some little crooners.

Any nice Gals in the salt lake area? Give him an email. Or
show up and watch his concerts.


Speaking of little ones.

Some of us may not have been breastfed and that is a negative trigger

Moms! Your breast milk fats are what you eat. Eat more vegetable fats
(n-6) and that's
what you have. And your breastfeeding child has a better chance of
atopic dermatitis,

How about a little danish with your milk? lol

Ok sorry couldn't resist, once again.

Lets get real. Add in some prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides and long
chain fructo-oligosaccharides to your baby formula
and atopic dermatitis goes down.


Previous research has suggested this mixture has a similar impact to
breast milk on the bacteria living in the gut, boosting beneficial
bugs, and inhibiting growth of bugs that can cause disease.

After six months, 10.6% of the group given prebiotics showed signs of
atopic dermatitis, compared with 22.4% of those given formula
supplemented with a placebo.

****ysis showed the proportion of "friendly" bifidobacteria was
significantly higher in the stools of infants fed on the prebiotic.

Muriel Symmons, of the charity UK Allergy, said: "This study adds to
our knowledge of the role of prebiotics in helping to prevent the
development of eczema in infants.

This is the basis of my main attack on psoriasis! I love this toPic.


Let's go outside the species now.

Talk about really really bad skin probems.
The fungus chytridiomycosis is killing all the toads and things.

Whitches everywhere are in a panic! It's like aids/hiv for frogs, only
in this case it's
ubiquitous and with permeable skin its as easy to catch as
a cold.

More info from a Oz gov down under site.


Let's see what's new for high tech toPicals recently.

Just like those irritated frogs, psoriasis leaves a permeable patch of
skin vulnerable to attack. Using meds to dry uP the plaques has long
been a strategy of derms.
Retinoid therapy for autoimmune diseases.

Fukasawa H, Kagechika H, Shudo K.

Department of Drug Development, Institute of Medicinal and Molecular
Design, Inc.

Retinoid is a collective term for compounds which bind to and activate
retinoic acid receptors (RARalpha, beta, gamma and RXRalpha, beta,
gamma), members of nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. The most
important endogeneous retinoid is all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) which
is an RARalpha, beta and gamma ligand. ATRA and its mimics have been in
clinical use for treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) and
some skin diseases. Many synthetic retinoids have been developed and
attempts to improve their medicinal properties have been made. Among
them, tamibarotene (Am80) is an RARalpha- and RARbeta- specific (but
RARgamma- and RXRs-nonbinding) synthetic retinoid that is effective in
the treatment of psoriasis patients and relapsed APL. Experimentally,
this compound is also active in animal models of rheumatoid arthritis
and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. On this background,
possible application of retinoids for the treatment of autoimmune
diseases was discussed. In particular, Th1 dominant autoimmune diseases
may be the targets of the retinoids.

PMID: 16819260

You can lay out in the sun or put vitamin D3 from a tube on the spot.
[Progress in research on vitamin d ****ogs.]

[Article in Japanese]

Kubodera N.

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Bone Disease Area Dept.

A little over two decades ago, the vitamin D activation pathway was
elucidated and alfacalcidol arrived on the scene as a prodrug for
active vitamin D, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3), to remedy vitamin D
deficiency. With the concurrent reported discovery of the
differentiation-inducing effect of active vitamin D, its diverse
physiological effects have become appreciated and the research aiming
to accentuate selected physiological effects by ****og research has
made a fresh development. Our studies aimed particularly at separating
the differentiation-inducing effect/cell growth-inhibitory effect and
the calcemic effect of active vitamin D led to the development of two
characteristic ****ogs, OCT and ED-71. OCT, characterized by its
profound differentiation-inducing effect and modest calcemic effect, is
currently in practical use as an injectable the****utic agent for
secondary hyperparathyroidism as well as in clinical settings as an
ointment for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. The other ****og,
ED-71, possesses a profile inverse to that of OCT and is now under
clinical development as an oral preparation for treatment of
osteoporosis. The present overview refers to methodology of searching
next-generation ****ogs, exemplifying a new ****og, DD-281, based on
the knowledge ac***ulated through development of OCT and ED-71.

PMID: 16816477

Liquid sunshine in a tube is not without risks of increasing calcium
[Recent progress of study on vitamin D ****ogs.]

[Article in Japanese]

Kittaka A, Saito N, Takano M.

Teikyo University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Separation of inducing cell differentiation and antiproliferative
activities as well as immunoregulatory effects from calcemic activity
of the natural hormone, 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) [1alpha,25 (OH)
(2)D(3)] , utilizing the synthetic 1alpha,25 (OH) (2)D(3) ****ogs has
been studied over 20 years. During the past two decades, progress of
molecular biology taught us the precise action mechanisms of 1alpha,25
(OH) (2)D(3) through its specific receptor to express the target genes
on the molecular level. Modification at the CD-ring side chain of
1alpha,25 (OH) (2)D(3) is the most common chemical conversion, and the
alternative approach is A-ring and/or CD-ring modifications. With these
chemical functionalizations, some vitamin D ****ogs are clinically used
as medicines or promising candidates for treating secondary
hyperparathyroidism, psoriasis, and osteoporosis. Although 1alpha,25
(OH) (2)D(3) can inhibit the growth of various human cancers and
regulate the human immune system, primary side effect of 1alpha,25 (OH)
(2)D(3) is its tendency to raise serum calcium levels and to cause
hypercalcemia, which should be avoided. With these backgrounds, we
discuss here recent progress on synthetic vitamin D ****ogs.

PMID: 16816476

Their may not be anything new under the sun. But taking fractions of
certain things beneficial to psoriasis seems to further the cause of
the least damage and giving a better bang for the buck.

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3 20th September 08:44
External User
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Default Buttermilk?

Thank you for your hearty welcome, Randall, and for your informative and detailed answer!

Rubisan - Oregon g**** - has helped me a little. But it did not stop
the Psoriasis, though it brought some comfort. It is rather expensive, however.

Sure. It could also be that there is a phase of improvement, anyway. So
I can only be sure after a longer while. I have also started to drink
Aloe Vera juice today. I have also tried out taking zinc for a while,
but I found that made it worse in my case.

Thank you very much! That looks very informative, and I will have a
closer look later again. As far as I could read, there were people who
wrote about improvement with P and nails. So there is still hope.

Yes, I can believe that.

Interesting. Maybe I will try that out later, too.

Thanks! Yes, I surely will keep you posted. My experiences might help
others, so I think this is important.

Yes, you are right. We should really not care much. But that is easier
said than done. It took me years until I was able to speak freely about
my disease. But I believe we must accept it, and then it is all much
easier. Yet it is not as easy as telling others about a broken bone.
Why is that so?

Oh yes, it is. But most of the time I try to forget that I have that.
But that is not so easy, either. The plaques always remind you.

And I do for finding such a wonderful welcome committee here.

And thanks for the P News, too. I will study that later as well. WiKiDee
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4 20th September 08:44
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Default Buttermilk?

So what's he on now? There's still Soriatane, very close to Tegison.
There's mtx and neoral and the biologics. So what's the deal, maybe
he's doing OK without?

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