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1 23rd April 11:22
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Default More support for cod liver oil

Scientists are finding out more about it being helpful in combatting
osteoarthritis. I've got the beginnings of osteoarthritis in my knee joints
and thought it might be of use to someone! I don't know if the same would
apply to psoriatic arthritis. They did a test of chemicals in the knee
joints and didn't use questionaires.

"Professor Caterson stressed this was neither a "cure", nor likely to
reverse joint damage already sustained.

He said: "The breakthrough is hugely significant because it demonstrates the
efficacy of a dietary intake of cod liver oil in patients with
osteoarthritis taken prior to joint replacement surgery.

"It suggests cod liver oil has a dual mode of action, potentially slowing
down the cartilage degeneration inherent in osteoarthritis and reducing
factors that cause pain and inflammation".

I've been taking some every morning before food for six months or more and
it has definitely helped me. Nice to know why.



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2 26th April 09:19
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Default More support for cod liver oil

Good for OA. What about PsA and Ra? And BFD? lol

Do they understand the role of Tzaraat? Between the
fatty acids in beef and fish? And consumed at the same
meal time? Maybe within the same 12 hours for some psor

These scientists have a ways to go to get to where
they were 2000 years ago! In the Tzaraat department anyway.

How do you know its not PsA?

I had PsA for years on a diet with no discipline that leaned
towards Atkins. Then went semi-vegetarian with herbs galore
and it (PsA) completely disappeared. With the exception of a few
gnarled finger joints you wouldn't even know that i couldn't
close my fists more then half way, after three hours of
arising from sleeP.

That plus an excelling case of P in my early thirties
had me very worried.

I was forced onto the road less travelled by default.

The medicines then, steroids and MTX didn't seem like a
long term option. More like a capitulation then a cure
at the time.

Who wants to wake uP to that?

The wrong stiffness and P?

I would say that my PsA is cured. Unless it comes back tomorrow.
I'm braver then Caterson, i'll carry the water and take the arrows.
Its good for you says caterson, but not for your brothers cure?

If i go off my diet for too awfully long the flaring P is an earlier
warning light then the stiffness of PsA.

But with the right (actually wrong) combo of fatty acids
(mainly pork) i will get a little gout in my thumb joint.

Thats about my best early warning symptom should i go "hog"
wild in the dietary department.

But, just the sight of P on the backs of my wrists is
the feedback looP that keeps me on track.

And the wheatgrass juice will take the wrist P out
in less then a few days. So now i have to be doubly aware
of the rest of the warning signs.

And who isn't aware of their bodies appearance at least if they've
got it? P that is.

They just don't know what their body is telling them.

No one here with the exception of one knows what their gut is
telling them. lol

Otherwise people would be going the wit kit and proflora route left and right.

Doctor discovers the wonders of a decent diet! Lets tell the
world! Eat a fish before you go under the knife.


Huge i tell you!


Lets see. Do i want to live in a wheelchair as a cripple or do
i want to stop eating pork ten times a day?

What a flaky proposition. Only those affected by the AA (arachidonic
of course will ever really know, when they take the time to remove
as much of it as they can from their diets.

Or learn the trick to not include it in some surf and turf meals.

Then again for those that want to eat the Tzaraat way you can
take Tazarotene for it. And simply live with it.
One oral mistake fixed by another oral panacea,

They do make antacids for those with chronic gerd problems.

So, if you truly know the score, can you stop the behaviour?

How naive. The whole triP is avoided with a decent diet to begin with.

Unless your a type I arthritic. lol

A real genetic mess. lol

Say you don't make enough ghrelin to turn off the eat signals
in your brain. Then obesity and Ra (OA/PsA) could be controlled with a
fish? And when its your turn on the operating table your gonna
heal so much faster! Big WhooP!

This doctors revelations are still in the fetal formation. lol

Hey Mister! I bet that your migranes will go away for good, once
you stop hitting yourself in the head with that hammer. lol

But its not a cure!

Why? Will someone else pick uP the hammer and take over?

Well, its good to know that your doing so well.

And you know the gastronomical truths involved.

You are keePing the consumption of it (CLO) far from the P maddening
arachidonic acid foods like beef, pork, egg yolks and dairy?

I hoPe!

And you will keep us posted to new developments one way or the

Wouldn't it be great to go on a sushi diet and cure P?

And live to 100 pain free? Pass the wasabi!
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3 26th April 09:19
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Default More support for cod liver oil


My doctor insists I have osteoarthritis after looking at the x-rays - also
living in the uk as I do, I was able to visit the excellent free NHS
podiatry/chiropody unit in my city last week where the specialist used me
to demonstrate why my toe joints were not psoriatic even though my nails
I was also given an excellent pedicure by two third year students as well!

It's so nice to be fussed over once in a while.

My skin is still clear of plaque but I think it is due to the occasional use
of Exorex and a refusal to worry about things I cannot change. (Being
retired helps - not much money but enough)!

Clear skin to you.



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