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1 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned) (follicle heart ovulation)

Hello all.

This was to be our 3rd IUI, and our most aggressive one to date
(Bravelle right from day 3, instead of clomid-bravelle-hcg). With the
prior protocol, I only ever got one follicle. This time, two follicles
(always on the right-- wonder why?). Things were progressing along,
not as fast as I'd hoped, but we got to where they were 13 1/2 and 14,
and my E2 was 330 or so. They were worried I might o on my own, so
they gave me an atagonist for 2 days along with the Bravelle, then back
in for more testing, which showed
the follicles had grown but not much(15 1/2 and 16). B/w that day came
back where my E2 had dropped in half, and they suspected early
ovulation OR that the antagonist had muted teh E2 reading.

Came back in next day, and the follicles were 20 1/2 and 24 !!!!!!
(ONE day later??), and my E2 was 500 plus and P was 3.29. They said
that showed ovulation (a dip in E2 followed by a sharp increase, and
then the P greater than 3.0). I had no idea follicles could continue
to grow after O (course I was still pumping in the bravelle).

They told me I had indeed ovulated, but that it should not have
happened while taking antagonist, and they were shocked and surprised.
(great, just what I want, a dr who doesn't know what the hell is wrong
with me). Dr did say that it didn't mean my eggs were old (which I
specifically asked him about) but rather "robust" to ovulate anyway....
but apparently BEFORE the eggs were ready.... hmmm

At any rate, $2,500 later in meds (give or take, I can't bear to add it
up), and not even a CHANCE for the IUI. We did have *** 2 days prior
to when they "think" I ovulated, so I can't even just write off the
2ww, b/c I have a "chance" that it took. (Just call me queen of denial
about that one....).

I am so, so, so tired, so tired of being tired, so afraid we're gonna
bankrupt ourselves with nothing to show for it at the end of the day.
I'm not ready to look into adoption at this point, my heart just isn't
there, and I think that of course it's going to work for us..... but
when the dr doesn't even know what's wrong with my body,..... sigh....

DH and I had a total adn complete meltdown last night, and drank. A
lot. We'd been so good and had given up drinking entirely, but I just
couldn't take it anymore. I *did* call one friend to confide what
we're going through in; she had IF and eventually decided to adopt, so
I knew she knew what I was going through. This is the first person,
apart from medical folks, that I've told..... I think she will be a
help to me.............

I just don't know what's what anymore. I've got a dr appt tomorrow to
talk about what went wrong.

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2 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned)



On 2005-03-14 19:56:34 +0100, "yellowgirl" <> said:
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3 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned)

good luck with your appointment tomorrow. i'm sorry that it didn't
work out. does your insurance or doctor's office have any
reiumbur*****t (or credit) plan for failed cycles? i know that my
insurance won't charge the full amount if you have a failed ivf and the
re's office gives you a credit for your next cycle. don't know if the
same is true for iui, but it might be worth asking about. hugs, leighann
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4 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned) (parenting ovulation)

Oh honey!
That just ****s. And the 2ww to boot!
I have no idea what's going on with ovulation...just doesn't seem to make
sense. Maybe you can be in a research they give discounts for

Don't blame you about the alcohol....I always have a couple glasses of wine
or go out to dinner in a real (non-kid) restaurant on the day of AF just so
I can say that there's some benefit to not being pregnant/parenting.

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5 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned)

I'm so sorry! What a bummer! I, too, have had 2 previous cycles of
meds and US's without doing IUI. It's a big disappointment. But, my
RE had another plan that solved the problem with those 2 cycles, so I'm
back on track.

take care,
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6 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned)

Thanks everyone for your support. I'm paying out of pocket for the
meds, etc, so there is really no recourse for a refund. (I don't have
to pay for the IUI since I didn't have it, obviously, but that is chump
change compared to the meds). Talked to the dr today and next cycle
we're going to start the antagonist on Day 5, and switch from Bravelle
to Repronex as well, and then do 2 IUIs in a row just to hedge our
Melanie, if you don't mind my asking, what did your dr do differently?

Thanks everyone!
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7 12th June 03:19
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Default My cancelled IUI (adopt mentioned)

We switched meds from Clomid to injectible Follistim. The Clomid was
thinning my lining too much. But, they didn't tell me that until I'd
been on the Clomid for 6 months. They said it got thinner and thinner
every month. I only did US's for the last 3 cycles on Clomid, though.
When we did the first IUI (4th cycle of Clomid), the lining was 7. The
following 2 cycles it was 5 and then 4, so we didn't do IUIs. The
nurse told me that optimal thickness is 8-10 and 7 is borderline. This
cycle on Follistim it was 10!

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