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1 8th August 22:04
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Default Nutrition Collections (diabetes gastroenteritis celiac stress renal)

Handbook of Obesity Treatment (2)

Publisher: The Guilford Press
Number Of Pages: 624
Publication Date: 2004-07-01
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1593850948
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781593850944
Binding: Paperback

Book Description:
The contemporary successor to the editors' earlier Obesity: Theory and
Therapy, this comprehensive handbook guides mental health, medical,
and allied health professionals through the process of planning and
delivering individualized treatment services for those seeking help
for obesity. Concise, extensively referenced chapters present
foundational knowledge and review the full range of widely used
interventions, including self-help, behavioral, and cognitive-
behavioral approaches; pharmacotherapy; and surgery. Provided are
state-of-the-art guidelines for assessing obese individuals for health
risks and for mood and eating disorders; treatment algorithms for
tailoring interventions to the severity of the client's problem;
details on adjunctive interventions for improving body image and self-
esteem; recommendations for working with child clients; and much more.

************************************************** *

Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, Third Edition
(Food Science & Technology) (2)

Publisher: CRC
Number Of Pages: 928
Publication Date: 2008-03-17
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1420046632
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781420046632
Binding: Hardcover

Book Description:
Highlighting the role of dietary fats in foods, human health, and
disease, the third edition of Food Lipids emphasizes lipids from the
point of entry into the food supply. New chapters cover
polyunsaturated lipid oxidation in aqueous systems, total antioxidant
evaluation and synergism, tocopherol stability and prooxidant
mechanisms of oxidized tocopherols in lipids, and the effects and
mechanisms of minor compounds in oil on lipid oxidation. Addressing
the chemistry of lipid and antioxidant reactions as well as
applications in biotechnology, this edition presents an in-depth
discussion on lipid oxidation and antioxidants, with updated
information and references throughout the text.

************************************************** *

Nutrition and Rheumatic Disease (Nutrition and Health) (1)

Publisher: Humana Press
Number Of Pages: 428
Publication Date: 2008-04
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1588299767
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781588299765
Binding: Hardcover

Book Description:
It is difficult, if not impossible, for health care providers to
remain at the forefront of knowledge for all aspects of nutrition and
rheumatic diseases. In Nutrition and Rheumatic Disease, experts
provide a comprehensive review of current knowledge regarding
nutrition and dietary management for the complex set of rheumatic
conditions. Within the disease-specific chapters, the authors present
a historical perspective, a discussion of the major clinical features,
current management and treatment, a review of the literature related
to nutritional status and diet, and dietary recommendations, based on
current scientific evidence. The field of rheumatic diseases includes
a wide variety of pathologic processes. Adequate reviews of the
scientific literature on each of the rheumatic diseases in Nutrition
and Rheumatic Disease alleviate the inherent confusion surrounding the
risks and benefits of various dietary therapies.

************************************************** *

Optimizing Women's Health through Nutrition (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: CRC (03 December, 2007)
ISBN: 1420043005
Book author: Lilian U. Thompson, Wendy E. Ward
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
It is no surprise that women and men experience biological and
physiological differences fundamentally and throughout the lifecycle.
What is surprising is that faced with such a self-evident truth, there
should be so little consideration to date of how these differences
affect susceptibility to disease and metabolic response to dietary
treatment. Understanding these differences and developing a ***-based
approach focusing on the specific needs and conditions of women is
crucial to achieve effective nutritional strategies for women's
health. Expanding the knowledge-base regarding ***, nutrition, and
medicine, Optimizing Women's Health through Nutrition presents the
biology, physiology, and metabology unique to women. The book
demonstrates in a practical, accessible manner the scientific
application of this data addressing lifecycle changes, disease
prevention, and treatment. Based on sound research and supported by
extensive references, it begins by describing recent research on
biological and physiological differences and how these differences
translate into varying disease trends between the ***es. Contributions
describe the nutritional needs of women during the lifecycle,
particularly during adolescence, pregnancy and lactation,
premenopause, and menopause and midlife stages. The bulk of the book
addresses each of the common major diseases or conditions that
specifically affect the health of women. It emphasizes the role of
nutrition in disease risk reduction as well as management and
treatment of disease. Specific disease selection was dictated by those
in which women are more vulnerable or have a higher incidence than
men. The concluding section identifies areas for future research and
strategic areas of investigation for researchers and health
professionals, government regulators, and food industry professionals
involved in creating novel foods that enhance women's health.


************************************************** *

Handbook of Prebiotics (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: CRC (29 January, 2008)
ISBN: 0849381711
Book author: Glenn R. Gibson, Marcel Roberfroid
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
In order to achieve optimal digestion, absorption, and nutritional
health, we must have appropriate populations of positive microflora.
Prebiotics are functional foods that improve health by fortifying
indigenous probiotics within the gut. This fast-growing area of
nutrition and microbiology is rapidly amassing data and answering many
questions about the necessity and benefit of such functional foods.
Gathering contributions from leading experts in a range of
disciplines, Handbook of Prebiotics presents a balanced view of the
current knowledge in many different areas of the field. It discusses
concept, definition and criteria for classification of a food
component as prebiotics It then describes interactions with gut
microbiota. Highlighting varying levels of evidence and agreement, the
book presents current arguments for and against prebiotic intake.
Contributions discuss the biomechanics of prebiotics and their effects
on immune status, serum lipid concentrations, mineral bioavailability,
and satiety modulation. They consider the health implications of
prebiotic intake such as reduced incidence of gastroenteritis and
chronic pathogenic gut disorders, including intestinal cancers and
inflammatory bowel diseases.
Providing well-rounded coverage, the book explores the varying effects
of prebiotics in different populations and age groups such as infants
and the elderly, as well as livestock and pets. The final chapters
describe food avenues and the safety implications for prebiotic use.
Spanning several disciplines including food science, nutrition,
microbiology, biotechnology, and the health sciences, this seminal
work makes a point to include sound research science and well-balanced
views on the potential of prebiotics for promoting good health.

************************************************** *

Cardiovascular Diabetology: Clinical, Metabolic and Inflammatory
Facets (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: S Karger Pub (31 March, 2008)
ISBN: 380558427X
Book author: E. Z. Fisman, A. Tenenbaum
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
The prevalence of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes three links
of the same atherothrombotic chain has reached pandemic proportions
worldwide. As a result, our civilization is at war against a
threatening enemy: cardio-diabetes. Several independent physiological
processes underlie the clustering of cardio-diabetes, including
central obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, inflammation,
impaired glucose tolerance, and hypertension. Early detection is of
overwhelming importance for public health.
The complex and intimate relationship between cardiovascular disease
and diabetes from basic science to clinical and the****utic concerns
is discussed in this outstanding book. Beginning with molecular,
biochemical, inflammatory and cellular aspects, this publication
continues with histological and pathophysiological issues, details
particular problems in specific metabolic and clinical settings, and
finally ****yzes several aspects of clinical pharmacology focusing on
the optimal management of combined dyslipidemia and non-insulin
antidiabetic therapy in cardiac diabetic patients.
This book will be a gain in knowledge for every cardiologist,
diabetologist, specialist in internal medicine, nutritionalist,
general physician and medical student.

Cardiovascular Diabetology: Clinical, Metabolic and Inflammatory
Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits, Third Edition (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (08 February, 2008)
ISBN: 0813821010
Book author: Dean H. Percy, Stephen W. Barthold
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits has become a standard text
for both veterinary pathologists and veterinarians in laboratory
animal medicine. Newly recognized infectious diseases continue to
emerge and molecular methods for studying infectious agents are
becoming widely used for the classification of these and previously
known pathogens. With the ongoing development and perfection of
genetic engineering techniques, the use of genetically engineered mice
in the research laboratory continues to grow exponentially.
This new edition features updates throughout with increased emphasis
on timely topics such as infectious diseases in genetically engineered
mice. Diseases covered include viral infections, bacterial infections,
parasitic diseases, nutritional and metabolic disorders, behavioral
disorders, aging and degenerative disorders, environment-related
disease, and neoplasms. Organized by species, coverage includes mice,
rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Veterinary
pathologists, laboratory animal veterinarians, and students will
appreciate the concise organization and easily accessible information
on key diagnostic features, differential diagnoses, and significance
of diseases.

************************************************** *
Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence (2)

Publisher: S Karger Pub
Number Of Pages: 269
Publication Date: 2004-04-20
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 3805577303
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9783805577304
Binding: Hardcover

Book Description:
Obesity in childhood and adolescence has reached epidemic proportions
in all industrialized countries around the world. Its impact on
individual lives as well as on health economics has to be recognized
by physicians and the public alike. Among the most common consequences
of obesity in the adolescent are hypertension, dyslipidemia, back pain
and psychosocial problems. The****utic strategies include
psychological and family therapy, lifestyle/behavior modification and
nutrition education. The role of regular exercise and exercise
programs is emphasized. Surgical procedures and drugs used in adult
obesity are still not generally recommended for obese adolescents.This
book aims to increase physicians knowledge and understanding of
obesity in childhood and adolescence as well as to further public
awareness of the health burden and economic dimension of obesity at a
young age. Several chapters deliver insights into the basic
understanding of which factors contribute to or prevent the

************************************************** *

Obesity And the Kidney (Contributions to Nephrology) (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: S. Karger AG (Switzerland) (31 August, 2006)
ISBN: 3805581645
Book author: Gunter Wolf
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
Univ. Hospital Jena, Germany. Examines pathophysiological concepts on
how obesity influences renal structure and function, reviews
epidemiology of the problem, and provides the****utic solutions. For
nephrologists and clinicians. DNLM: Kidney Diseases - etiology.

************************************************** *

Handbook of Eating Disorders (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Wiley (28 March, 2003)
ISBN: 0471497681
Book author: Janet Treasure, Eric van Furth, Ulrike Schmidt
Amazon Rating: 5.0

Book Description:
This second edition of the Handbook of Eating Disorders offers a
comprehensive, critical account of the whole field of eating
disorders, incorporating both basic knowledge and a synthesis of the
most recent developments in the area.
Many of the important developments in recent years are reflected in
this expanded volume such as the basic science of appetite control,
the discovery of leptin and the knowledge about the neurotramsmitters
involved in eating.
An invaluable review of scientific knowledge and approaches to
treatment of eating disorders from anorexia nervosa to obesity.
* Covers basic concepts and science, clinical considerations of
definition and assessment, and treatment approaches
* Focuses on newer developments in research and treatment
* Reflects evidence-based approaches to treatment as a guide to best
* Includes many new chapters and authors who represent the most
authoritative scientists and clinicians worldwide

************************************************** *

Vitamin D in Dermatology (1)

Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Number Of Pages: 408
Publication Date: 2000-02-15
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0824777042
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780824777043
Binding: Hardcover

Book Description:
Expands the classic view of vitamin D action to include important
effects on cellular proliferation, differentiation, and the immune
system and covers the application of vitamin D therapy to a range of
skin diseases. This reference comprehensively covers the most recent
findings on the biochemistry of vitamin D and its biologically active
form, vitamin D3 (VD), in the skin-detailing the extensive the****utic
benefits of VD and synthetic VD ****ogs, particularly in the treatment
of psoriasis. The only up-to-date monograph on dermatological vitamin

Dermatology * highlights calcipotriol/calcipotriene, calcitriol, and
tacalcitol and other antipsoriatic treatments * illuminates the
photochemistry and immunohistochemistry of vitamin D in the epidermis
* examines VD ****ogs that inhibit angiogenesis of skin cancers *
showcases vitamin D regulation of hair growth in vitro and against
chemotherapy-induced alopecia * evaluates the effectiveness of
calcipotriol in combination with corticosteroids such as halobetasol *
explores VD or its ****ogs as a therapy for progressive systemic
sclerosis and localized scleroderma * assesses the calcemic action of
vitamin D, relating cutaneous production of VD to its function in
regulating bone mineral homeostasis * and more! Featuring over 40
color photographs, Vitamin D in Dermatology is a vitally important
resource for clinical and research dermatologists, cosmetic scientists
and technologists, pharmaceutical scientists, endocrinologists,
pharmacists, pediatricians, and medical school students in these

************************************************** *

The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity (2)

Publisher: Humana Press
Number Of Pages: 308
Publication Date: 2007-11-01
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1588298027
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781588298027
Binding: Hardcover

Book Description:
The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity presents an up-to-date survey of
the current scientific understanding of obesity and the metabolic
syndrome, as well as an overview of the most significant changes to
the field over the past 30 years. By first presenting a historical
context for overweight, the book drives home the point that obesity is
by no means simply a contemporary problem, and its continued existence
means that we neither understand it, nor have developed effective
therapies. The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity is a comprehensive
reference for the treatment of obesity in two parts. Part I, The
Problem, examines the entire scope of the obesity epidemic, including
epidemiology and history, costs of treatment, pathology, clinical
types, age-related issues, and general health risks. Part II, The
Solutions, describes several treatment options including diet,
behavior modification, exercise, pharmacological treatment, and
surgery. This volume is a thorough reference for obesity and the
metabolic syndrome and offers an in-depth assessment of the problem
and its myriad potential treatment options.

************************************************** *

Vitamin ****ysis for the Health and Food Sciences, Second Edition
(Food Science and Technology) (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: CRC (07 December, 2007)
ISBN: 0849397715
Book author: Ronald R. Eitenmiller, Lin Ye, Jr, W. O. Landen

Book Description:
Employing a uniform, easy-to-use format, Vitamin ****ysis for the
Health and Food Sciences, Second Edition provides the most current
information on the methods of vitamin ****ysis applicable to foods,
supplements, and pharmaceuticals. Highlighting the rapid advancement
of vitamin assay methodology, this edition emphasizes the use of
improved and sophisticated instrumentation including the recent
applications and impact of the widely adopted LC-MS. Designed as a
bench reference, this volume gives you the tools to make efficient and
correct decisions regarding the appropriate ****ytical approach-saving
time and effort in the lab. Each chapter is devoted to a particular
vitamin and begins with a brief review of its uniqueness and its role
in metabolism. The authors stress a thorough understanding of the
chemistry of each compound in order to effectively ****yze it and to
this end provide the chemical structure and nomenclature of each
vitamin, along with tabular information on spectral properties. They
supply extensive insight into practical problem-solving including an
awareness of the stability of vitamins and their extraction from
different biological matrices. All information is heavily do***ented
with the latest scientific papers and organized into easily read
tables covering topics necessary for accurate ****ytical results.
After presenting the chemistry and biochemistry of the vitamin, each
chapter details the commonly used ****ytical and regulatory methods. A
summary table gives at-a-glance information on many of these sources,
as well as several of the AOAC International Methods. In addition the
authors apply their extensive experience in the field to create a
critical, interpretive review of the advanced methods of vitamin
****ysis with sufficient detail to be a valuable guide to cutting-edge

************************************************** *

Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease: From the Cholesterol Hypothesis
to w6/w3 Balance (World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics) (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: S. Karger AG (Switzerland) (15 November, 2006)
ISBN: 3805581793
Book author: International Conference on Nutrition An, Harumi Okuyama,
Artemis P. Simopoulos

Book Description:
Kinjo Gakuin Univ., Nagoya, Japan. Topics include basis and faults of
the cholesterol hypothesis; association of high total cholesterol with
coronary heart disease mortality among subject populations;
pleiotropic effects of statins in prevention of disease; and more. For
researchers. DNLM: Coronary Disease.

************************************************** *

Galen: On the Properties of Foodstuffs (2)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Cambridge University Press (17 February, 2003)
ISBN: 0521812429
Book author: Galen, John Wilkins, Owen Powell

Book Description:
Until recently an English translation of Galen's On the Properties of
Foodstuffs did not exist. This work, by one of the greatest of ancient
physicians, provides a lucid description of the ways in which foods
were thought to affect the body and were in turn affected by it. It
contains revealing fragments of social comment. A retired physician
with a particular interest in gastroenterology, Owen Powell offers the
most accurate translation of the work currently available, including
the first detailed introduction, commentary and discussion of

************************************************** *

Obesity and Diabetes (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Humana Press (25 January, 2006)
ISBN: 1588295389
Book author: Christos S. Mantzoros
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
International experts from world-renowned medical schools
comprehensively review for practicing clinicians and scientists alike
the latest understanding of the epidemiology, causation, and
consequences of diabetes and obesity. The authors discuss in detail
their diagnosis, clinical manifestations, complications, and best
practices for diagnosis and treatment. They also review the history
and epidemiology of these conditions, explain their genetics and
pathophysiology, and illuminate their known mechanisms and
interactions. State-of-the-art survey-chapters critique current
approaches (lifestyle and pharmacological) to the treatment of these

************************************************** *
Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit (Topics in Anaesthesia
and Critical Care (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Springer (21 July, 2005)
ISBN: 8847001854
Book author: H.K.F. van Saene, L. Silvestri, M.A. de la Cal
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit has been entirely
rewritten in this second edition. All statements are justified by the
best available evidence, avoiding unsubstantiated expert opinion. The
book contains a new section dedicated to the microbiology of the
critically ill; specifically, how to process and interpret
surveillance cultures to distinguish the normal from the abnormal
carrier state. There are five totally new chapters dealing with
evidence-based infection control molecular techniques for outbreak
****ysis; clinical virology in neonatal, paediatric and adult
intensive care; the six basic principles of the therapy of an
infection; and the role of the pharmacist in infection control.
Attention is given to special topics such as nutrition, gut mucosal
protection, and the control of antimicrobial resistance. The addition
of enteral to parenteral antimicrobials contributes to the control of
multi-resistant micro-organisms. This completely revised second
edition is a must-have for anyone requiring in-depth knowledge in the
ever expanding field of infection control.

************************************************** *

Anabolic Solution for Powerlifters (1)

Publisher: MD+ Press
Number Of Pages: 212
Publication Date: 2003-12-01
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0967989620
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780967989624
Binding: Paperback

Product Description:
Dr. Di Pasquale, a former IPF World Champion Powerlifter, and the
father of low-carb, cyclical dieting, and author of both the Anabolic
and Metabolic Diets, now introduces the Anabolic Solution for
Powerlifters - a natural and effective alternative to the use of
powerful, and dangerous anabolic drugs. While it's true that there are
no magic shortcuts to success, the Anabolic Solution for Powerlifters
is your best bet for increasing your strength and muscle mass in the
shortest amount of time, whether you are a professional or
recreational powerlifter. The Anabolic Solution is all about
manipulating lean body mass and body fat. And it does this by
affecting metabolic changes and altering the body s anabolic and the
catabolic hormones and growth factors. Since it is muscle that moves
the heavy weight, not fat, the aim of any powerlifter should be to hit
the top allowable weight in their weight class with a minimum of body

************************************************** *

Cancer Prevention: The Causes and Prevention of Cancer Volume 1 (1)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Springer (30 November, 2000)
ISBN: 0792366034
Book author: G.A. Colditz, D.J. Hunter
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
This volume, the first in the new series Cancer Prevention - Cancer
Causes, is derived from the 1st and 2nd Reports of the Harvard Center
for Cancer Prevention published in Cancer Causes and Control, 1996;
7(Suppl 1) and 1997; 8(Suppl 2), respectively. In this volume we
expand on materials to summarize the evidence on causes of cancer and
to set forth a series of strategies to promote the prevention of
cancer. Cancer Prevention - Cancer Causes is designed to provide a
comprehensive overview of what we know about cancer risk in the United
States (and other established market economies) and the preventive
measures we can take to reduce the burden of cancer. In the first half
of this volume, we review the causes of human cancer considering a
wide range of potential sources of risk such as smoking, diet,
sedentary lifestyle, occupational factors, viruses, and alcohol. We
conclude that cancer is indeed preventable. Over 50 percent of cancers
could be prevented if we could implement what we already know about
the causes of cancer. In the second half of this volume, we summarize
research on prevention programs, public education campaigns, and
social policy measures for preventing cancer. Working in schools,
health clinics, and workplaces as well as through the mass media and
in the political arena, social scientists and health educators are
designing innovative and effective health promotion programs to help
people quit smoking, eat more healthily, and exercise more.

************************************************** *

Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Disease (Clinical Gastroenterology) (2)

Product Details
Book Publisher: Humana Press (15 October, 2007)
ISBN: 1588298086
Book author: Mark DeLegge
Amazon Rating:

Book Description:
Nutritional support of people with gastrointestinal impairment is
critical to treatment and ultimately successful management. As such,
gastroenterologists should be experts in nutrition and knowledgeable
about the affects of nutrition on disease management. Nutritional and
Gastrointestinal Disease fulfills that need, serving as a hands-on,
practical reference in nutrition support for the clinical
gastroenterologist and other clinicians with similar interests. The
volume offers expert nutritional knowledge and management ideas as
well as methodology for combating problems such as short bowel
syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease and obesity.
Renowned authorities also investigate nutritions influence on such
issues as liver failure and acute pancreatitis. While gastroenterology
training programs around the world remain deficient in their nutrition
curriculum, Nutritional and Gastrointestinal Disease provides a
comprehensive and groundbreaking support for clinical
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