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1 31st October 03:31
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Default Turmeric

I came across the following article in "The Peoples Pharmacy"!NEWSROOM/healthstoryA10174A.htm

.....and wondered if anyone here has experimented with this spice.

If so, tell us your experience.

Is this something you would just buy a bottle of at the grocery store?
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2 31st October 03:32
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Default Turmeric

Turmeric . . gives me a terrible headache within a very few minutes of
ingesting even small amounts. It should be treated with caution.
Try a Google search "turmeric + allergic reactions" and you may be
surprised - it can be the cause of powerful reactions!

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3 31st October 03:32
jeff mowatt
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Default Turmeric

Not experimented as such, I ingest it regularly as would most people in the
Indian sub-continent and also significant number in the UK. I reckon that
makes about a billion or so.

Strange thing is I haven't eaten much in recent months and my P has broken
out during this time.

It doesn't appeal to me as something to sprinkle on cereal, much better to
cook with it! Got an Indian restaurant near home?

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4 31st October 03:32
External User
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Default Turmeric

Yes, it is a common spice.

I've been taking a "liver formula" capsule of milk thistle, dandelion
root, and turmeric from Trader Joe's. I won't swear that these pills
do anything but I take them because I have the impression that they
help overall and make me less sensitive to food reactions that can
affect the state of my p.

Read the labels on any spicey foods you buy and consume, you're
probably getting at least a bit of it already!

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5 9th November 18:27
External User
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Default Turmeric

But, you need to beware. See below.

This sounds great. How much of each ingredient?
And whats the recommended dosages?

Some spices and herbs are good for P and some very common
ones may not be so good.

Why does the paganO diet nix peppers? Or is it spicy food he's
knocked out in general? And why?

There are spicy connections with NF-kappaB (NF-kB) and
TNF-alpha with turmeric (aka-cur***in) as pointed out
in the article by boydoe69.

Lets examine the NF-kB pathways.

This next one is easier to read, (their trying to sell you something)
(click on the diagram to enlarge it)
Go forward or backward to see TNF or other ROS
agents. TNF induces NF-kB and if your overweight
your generating TNF from the white adipose tissue (fat).
That may be a huge factor in what levels of severity you
may be having with your psoriasis. Many severe folks
should be able to knock it down to mild, like myself
for instance.

A few more clicks on the next page and there are
some charts on ALA and glutathione which have been
speculated to help psoriasis as well as increase
quality of life if not length?

What is turmeric?
The natural occurring pigment cur***in, a major component of the spice
tumeric, has been described to have antioxidative,
anti-tumorpromoting, anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory properties.
It appears, that the pleiotropic effects of cur***in are at least
partly due to inhibition of the transcription factors NF-kappa B and
Thus, cur***in inhibits NF-kappa B and AP-1 by two different
mechanisms and reduces expression of endothelial genes controlled by
both transcription factors in vitro.

How much Turmeric does one get in the average curry powder?

Not enough!

What about the other ingredients?

NOt good!


The mix looks like this: Chilies, black pepper, curry leaves,
ginger and other spices

Trying a curry supplement from a bonafide distributor may be the
best option if your serious about slowing p/PsA inflammation.

Curry/turmeric works to heal the liver cells. Silymarin from milk
thistle is
another good herb for the liver cells and will help lower psoraisis.

It may say so right here if there was an abstract there,

For 671 abstracts on silymarin (milk thistle) go to
and enter: silymarin

Back to turmeric/cur***in,
The characteristics of cur***in, including antioxidant potential,
reduction of activated HSC growth, and no adverse health effects, make
it a potential antifibrotic candidate for prevention and treatment of
hepatic fibrosis.

One of the hallmarks of my psoriasis is high liver enzymes indicating
ROS or LPS goofing up the proper functioning of the kupffer cells etc.
Is this one of those bad P genes? Could be. Its the chloride
gene thats at play in this scenario.

In order to stop psoriasis you must stop it in the gut where LPS gains
entrance due to mechanical problems, the liver where detox takes
and the skin where the visible manifestation reminds us that something
Curry protects skin from sun rays.
Inhibitors of the transcription factors AP-1 (nordihydroguaiaretic
acid, NDGA) and NF-kappaB (cur***in, proteasome inhibitors, and
Bay-11-7085) suppressed TNF-alpha-induced MMP-13 expression in primary
chondrocytes and SW1353 cells.

(NDGA, hey thats the creosote bush, the longest lived plant
in the world, IIRC. Beware of using it due to possible carcinogens)

Slowing down TNF-alpha is good as that slows NF-kB (nf-kappaB).

If you smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, curry/turmeric (cur***in)
be your friend. (I'd try the pills even if you love curry foods)
The signal transduction pathway that mediates the effects of CS is not
well understood but nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappaB) is probably
Overall our results indicate that CS-induced NF-kappaB activation and
NF-kappaB-regulated gene expression in human non-small cell lung
carcinoma cells is suppressed by cur***in through suppression of
IkappaBalpha kinase.

Remember that the percentage of psoriatics that smoke and drink is
high. lol
Why are psoriatics so faustian? Just lucky on the addictive brain
cells i
guess? It may even be a factor in our P multi-factorial genes to a
but important extent.
Induction of NF-kappaB-mediated gene expression has been implicated in
the pathogenesis of alcoholic liver disease (ALD). Cur***in, a
phenolic antioxidant, inhibits the activation of NF-kappaB.

So, if you do get tiPPsy once in awhile. Curry/cur***in pills may be
a saving grace for liver/skin/brain/gut cells.

But, i'd suggest you tiP the green tea instead. Camellia senses is
green tea and helps with p in many ways.

Spice up your P life (BUT-avoid the black peppers, or at least try to)
A wide variety of phenolic substances derived from spice possess
potent antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activities. Examples are
cur***in, a yellow colouring agent, contained in turmeric (Cur***a
longa L., Zingiberaceae), [6]-gingerol, a pungent ingredient present
in ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Zingiberaceae) and capsaicin, a
principal pungent principle of hot chili pepper (Capsi*** annuum L,
Solanaceae). The chemopreventive effects exerted by these
phytochemicals are often associated with their antioxidative and
anti-inflammatory activities. Cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX-2) has been
recognized as a molecular target of many chemopreventive as well as
anti-inflammatory agents. Recent studies have shown that COX-2 is
regulated by the eukaryotic transcription factor NF-kappaB. This short
review summarizes the molecular mechanisms underlying chemopreventive
effects of the aforementioned spice ingredients in terms of their
effects on intracellular signaling cascades, particularly those
involving NF-kappaB and mitogen-activated protein kinases.

I believe that the peppers (piperines) upregulate cell permeability
and thats not
so good for psoriasis, due to increased LPS absorption from the gut,
Piperine (1-Piperoyl piperidine) is a major alkaloid of Piper nigrum
Linn. and Piper longum Linn. It is shown to possess
bioavailability-enhancing activity with various structurally and
the****utically diverse drugs. The mechanism of enhancing the
bioavailability, is, however, not understood. We hypothesize that
piperine's bioavailability-enhancing property may be attributed to
increased absorption, which may be due to alteration in membrane lipid
dynamics and change in the conformation of enzymes in the intestine.

What is piperine?
Piperine, [1-[5-[1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl]-1-oxo-2,4, pentadienyl]
piperidine], is a pungent alkaloid present in Piper nigrum Linn, and
P. longum Linn. [snip] It may modulate membrane dynamics due to its
easy partitioning thus helping in efficient permeability across the
(note- piper nigrum is black pepper! Now recall the curry ingredients
up above.
Black pepper is #2. So, any old curry powder should be ruled out, if
has high levels of black pepper.)

My feeling on it is, it allows more LPS into
the cell/system. Go back and look at the diagram in the first link.
There's some
LPS sitting on the cell membrane looking for entry to cause its mischief.
LPS->CD14->NF-kB activation. IIRC (there may be some TLR-4 also)

Why isn't LPS detoxed in the liver? Keyword: chloride co-transporter
(and search in the psoriasis newsgroup only) you could
do it this way (keyword) psoriasis chloride

My whole attack on psoriasis is in blocking translocation of LPS from
the gut into the system. Thus draining inflammatory fuel from the
psoriasis equation. IMO

Its the food way to less P. And what do you think those cell
that each and every cell in your body is contained in are made out of?

Fats and lipids. And they aren't all equal. Search on omega3's and 6's
to try to close up those leaky little membranes. lol
For this one, suffice it to say, try to avoid the vegetable oils.

If you wish to find some links, keyword: cd14 LPS and or tlr4
For the oils, just check the psoriasis newsgroup for omega3.

There are other herbs also,
A large number of compounds are currently known as NF-kappaB
modulators and include the isoprenoids, most notably kaurene
diterpenoids and members of the sesquiterpene lactones class, several
phenolics including cur***in and flavonoids such as silybin.

This last one is the active compound in milk thistle/silymarin etc.

Here's a whole thread on silymarin/silybum,

What does this weed/herb look like?

Or you could try JSterns trader joe's liver formula,
that also contains dandelion.

A really great idea would be to use silymarin and cur***in at the
same time. Also ALA and NAC for those life extender types.
Toss in some green tea pills and yahoo. Go for it.

Please let us know if you do!

Caveat emptor on turmeric and cur***in,

What it looks like, 3

StoPPing lps is a good thing,
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is a bacterial cell component that plays
multifunctional roles in inflammatory reactions, and one of the roles
is as a powerful stimulator of bone resorption. LPS stimulated bone
resorption via CD14 in mouse calvaria and was reported to function as
a receptor for bacterial LPS complexed with serum proteins.

Whats the cause of P?

It may be a bunch of things. As a bunch of herbs/weeds, helps all
those pathways.

Yet, LPS and a Th1 profile lead the list for me.
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6 9th November 18:27
External User
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Default Turmeric

milk thistle fruit, powdered extract 30:1 (silybum marianum) 250mg**
yielding 80% silymarin (200mg). dandelion root, powdered (taraxa***
officinale) 55mg** turmeric rhizome, powdered (cur***a longa l.)

** Daily value not established.

Serving size one capsule.

Suggested use 1 capsule 3-6 times daily or as directed by a health
practitioner, keep out of reach of children.

I've been taking one AM and one PM, generally, fwiw.

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7 9th November 18:28
External User
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Default Turmeric

Based purely on TH1, turmeric(contains cur***in) should be helpful for

Cur***in inhibits Th1 cytokine profile in CD4+ T cells by suppressing
interleukin-12 production in macrophages.

Kang BY, Song YJ, Kim KM, Choe YK, Hwang SY, Kim TS.

College of Pharmacy, Chonnam National University, Kwangju 500-757,
South Korea.

1 Interleukin-12 (IL-12) plays a central role in the immune system by
driving the immune response towards T helper 1 (Th1) type responses
which are characterized by high IFN-gamma and low IL-4 production. In
this study we investigated the effects of cur***in, a natural product
of plants obtained from Cur***a longa (turmeric), on IL-12 production
by mouse splenic macrophages and the subsequent ability of these cells
to regulate cytokine production by CD4+ T cells. 2 Pretreatment with
cur***in significantly inhibited IL-12 production by macrophages
stimulated with either lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or head-killed
Listeria monocytogenes (HKL). 3 Cur***in-pretreated macrophages
reduced their ability to induce IFN-gamma and increased the ability to
induce IL-4 in Ag-primed CD4+ T cells. Addition of recombinant IL-12
to cultures of cur***in-pretreated macrophages and CD4+ T cells
restored IFN-gamma production in CD4+ T cells. 4 The in vivo
administration of cur***in resulted in the inhibition of IL-12
production by macrophages stimulated in vitro with either LPS or HKL,
leading to the inhibition of Th1 cytokine profile (decreased IFN-gamma
and increased IL-4 production) in CD4+ T cells. 5 These findings
suggest that cur***in may inhibit Th1 cytokine profile in CD4+ T cells
by suppressing IL-12 production in macrophages, and points to a
possible the****utic use of cur***in in the Th1-mediated immune
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8 9th November 18:28
External User
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Default Turmeric

Hey, i said post the link, (you didn't have the date or PMID#)

OTOH, good work! But, will JStern flip-floP big time on a P flare if
he stops his cur***in/trader Joe's supplements?

And with winter coming will it be worst and how would
we even know? We need 100 J's. lol Get the clone machine out.

Thanks again for this one,

Ok, i made a mistake in the TLR for P yesterday, i said TLR4 and its
not known for P. Yet.

I figured that it had to be TLR4 due to LPS affinity. Wrong again.
I think it was the Oct./2001 abstract that threw me. Its number
8 or 11 in the thread above.

Here are the TLRs,

This one may give a few more hints,
It comes from here,

Eureka! I just found this science news page,

We may as well show the TNF signaling also,

I found a 100 cap bottle of turmeric, 720mg's per cap, for

Since J and I are already P clones, i may as well be on
cur***inoids at this price. What a spice!

Now, if it only does something. What did the boydoe article say,
the guy used it on his breakfast food?

Cheerio's or Cap'N Crunch?
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9 9th November 18:28
External User
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Default Turmeric

No, doesn't seem to. But then, it doesn't seem to help much directly,
either. Just the entire liver thing seems to make me less sensitive
to food generally. But then #2, so does the g****fruit juice I'm
still drinking, and that much more dramatically.

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10 9th November 18:28
External User
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Default Turmeric


Better to go to an Indian store and buy turmeric by the packet, take
it by the teaspoon. Dirt cheap stuff. Powerful antioxidant.
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