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1 21st July 03:34
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Default Group send port - invalidates individual send port filter

Suppose I have a send port that has a filter that filters on a promoted
property where the 'FirstName' = George. If the FirstName = "George" the
files gets sent to directory1. I create another send port where I filter on
the same promoted property but with a FirstName of "Harry" that outputs to
directory2. I also have a filter for each of these where it looks at a
particular receive port (the same receive port).

I decided to remove the receive port name filter from the individual send
ports. I created a send port group, added my two individual ports and then
put the receiveportname filter on it.

Interesting thing, now when a file comes into the receive port, it gets sent
to both directory1 and directory2. I would have thought that the FirstName
filters would still be effective. Maybe its because I can't do an AND
conditional between the send port group and individual send ports?

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