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1 7th May 23:03
External User
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Default Local Lan questions.

Hi everyone.

I setup a LAN at home with a XP pro, Linksys Wirelesee G router and
Windows Standard 2K3 server.
My questions are listed below.

1. I setup my linksys router (act as a firewall.)

2. My windows 2k3 server is,

3. My laptop XP pro with IP

It seems runs everything fine.

Windows 2k3 has a AD and called, and it is a DHCP and DNS server
as well. GC is in there, because of only one server at this forest now.

I can browse a LAN and internet perfectly. However, when I setup a VPN
setting as RAS.
I follow all detail from Mircosoft page, it ask for DHCP relay agent. I also
configure that, but when It restart the VPN service, then my server cant'
connect to my laptop and even the router. IS that routing issue ???

If i do the same, it works pecfectly for windows 2000 server, but not in
this windows 2003 server. DO i miss something here??
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2 7th May 23:04
External User
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Default Local Lan questions.

I'm having the same problem and my google searches have only lead me to others that have this problem

I hope someone can clarify this issue for us. I noticed after using the wizard to setup VPN in RRAS, as soon as the service started, i could not ping anything except my own ip address, not even my gateway. I check my routes and there is a route listed to my gateway

I wonder if you need to have 2 nic's in the server *shrug*
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3 7th May 23:04
External User
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Default Local Lan questions.

If you put everything into the server and then go from
the server to your router, as soon as you turn on RAS,
your server becomes the Default Gateway (router). Make
sure you are pointing at that, and then make sure your
route file has your router in it's list. You've
essentially created (2) LANs...and your router is
connected to the WAN. This is where VPN gets tricky
because you have to make sure the WAN router has the
right ports open.

I'm pretty sure there's more to this than what I've put
up here but this should give you some things to think

Cattman in MI

Wirelesee G router and


DHCP and DNS server

this forest now.

I setup a VPN

relay agent. I also

then my server cant'

routing issue ???

server, but not in
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4 18th May 14:26
External User
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Default Local Lan questions.

HI there,
I'm wondering if I might be having some of the same problems, tho I do not have a Server...
I'm running win XP pro, with a Dlink 504 router, and I have tried setting up my LAN, however, tho each computer can see itself, and sometimes can see each other, if you try to access one of the computers from the other, a popup windows comes up saying that I dont' have access permissions?

I have my XP firewall turned OFF, and ever since I have put XP on MY computer, I have not been able to use the LAN as it should be used...The other computer is win 98SE....

I KNOW the network cards on both machines are working, as they are both able to talk to the internet (router) and each computer can see itself...

Thanks all
Annette "Cattman" wrote:
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