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1 17th June 03:36
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Default Server.Transfer from one posting to another

Is it possible to do a Server.Transfer from one CMS posting to another?

Think of a two step form sequence.

1. Collect data from user, validate info, Server.Transfer to Confirmation

2. Display data from page 1 and ask for confirmation, Save Info in DB

Is this possible if the two pages are CMS postings?

A System.Web.UI.WebUserControls.Placeholder can be used to dynamically load
a form for each posting based on a Custom Property of the posting.

Because the Server.Transfer is done on the server the friendly URL of the
posting could not be used.

Can CMS2002 be used this way?

What is the best way to get the internal URL?

How do you get the CMSPlaceholder to load the correct content for the
posting without a get or post from the client?

-Thanks for the help


Microsoft do***ents recommend Server.Transfer as the recommended way for
maintaining state between two pages.

Work around include storing the data in a Cookie, or in the Session. But
each has its down sides. Server.Transfer would be much preferred.
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