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1 15th July 22:39
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Default Black screen

Starting a few days ago, after my computer displays the Windows XP
loading screen, the screen goes black. After around 10 minutes, the
login screen comes up. I login, and it shows the background image for a
while (5 minutes maybe?) with nothing loading, and then all of a sudden
it starts loading and everything is good from there. This started
happening immediately after I put another hard drive into the computer.
I have an old broken TiVo, and I wanted a backup hard drive on this
computer, so hooked up the TiVo hard drive, but I hadn't formatted it
yet, because I wasn't planning on actually backing it up yet. So it
still had TiVo in it. With both hard drives in (the TiVo one set to
slave) I booted, got to the point after the Windows XP screen, and from
there I assumed my computer was broken, so I turned it off and removed
the TiVo hard drive. I am assuming the the TiVo hard drive is the
culprit here, but how do I get this fixed. My Windows XP CD got
scratched, so unfortunately I cannot reinstall, and I really would
rather not purchase a new one. Thanks for any help.
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