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1 15th July 22:31
kevin robinson
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Default Network problem

We have a small network of eight computers - 3 laptops and 5 desktops. All
are running XP Pro. However, one laptop can see and access all computers on
the workgroup, but it cannot be accessed by any computer through the
'workgroup' itself. The network wizard and the settings are set the same on
all computers. The folders are checked to share and even 'change my file.'
The folders and printers are checked to share. The computer is set to obtain
an IP address automatically. This computer is usually on wireless, but
putting it 'on wire' makes no difference in its allowing other computers to
access. I have turned off every virus, firewall, and spy ware program that I
have, but nothing works. I have even experimented with "Enable NetBIOS over
TCP/IP" with no results. For a real teaser, if I type in
\\computername\sharedfoldername on the internet explorer address, I get in
just as I should, but can not get in by clicking my workgroup computer icon.
Go figure!!! I have a few 'geeks' to my avail, but no one has figured this
one out yet and it seems that there are several situations with this problem
online. We here are not novices, so don't tell me to turn on file sharing or
turn off Windows firewall. I need a real solution from someone who has
experienced this and the solution will help many, many users.


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2 15th July 22:31
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Default Network problem

I had similar situation to solve workgroup related network issues.
There might be something blocking incoming connection from the notebook
computer that you described.
Did you try 'ping' method to check the network availability?
Ping worked but I still was not able to access to the network.

So, I deleted all other network settings but left following settings in each
computer network setting so that all the computer is the same client, use
the same service, and use the same protocol . TCP/IP setting is the same as
what you described.

These are the only setting for the network properties:
'Clients for Microsoft Windows', 'File and Printer Sharing', 'Qos Packet
Scheduler', and 'Internet protocol (TCP/IP)'

Then, it worked. Strange...
I didn't think NETBIOS over the TCP/IP will be the problem, but it didn't
work in my case either.

Hope it helps.

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