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1 27th April 08:35
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Default Email formatting

In article <3f20569f$0$2888$>, says...

Yes, but...
The picture file on your machine must be in the exact same location
as on the recipients machine. Highly Unlikely, I have Eudora
installed on the J: Drive in one machine.

In order for everybody to see exactly what you see in the same manner
as you do, you will have to upload the HTML do***ent to the web, then
provide a link in the E-Mail message. Even then, people using
different browsers *may* see a layout other than what you had in mind.

Turn off the Microsoft Viewer
Tools | Options | Viewing Mail | Uncheck Use Microsoft's viewer

Turn off the preview pane
Tools | Options | Viewing Mail | Uncheck Show message preview pane

Turn off allow executables in HTML Content
Tools | Options | Viewing Mail | UNCHECK Allow executables in HTML content

Eudora does not automatically run any attachments.
Eudora does do warnings...

Turn off Launch a Program from a message
In Versions 4.x+ the default is OFF unless you turn it on for:
Tools | Options | Extra Warnings | Launch a Program from a message

Also, enhance your WarnLaunchExtensions Parm to something like:

In Eudora 4.x+ add/modify this Parm in the Eudora.ini under [Settings]
WarnLaunchExtensions=bat|cmd|com|do|exe|htm|js|lnk |pif|reg|vb|wsh|xl|

Make sure you use the above text exactly, including the vertical bar
that follows your last entry.

Eudora Email Security Advisory

Computer viruses and E-mail
Over and Out
Daniel Jacobson
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