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1 2nd August 09:06
damir dezeljin
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Default Backing-up and restoring Exchange data


I'm investigating posibilities of backing-up and especially restoring
exchange focusing on possible automations. I'm interested only in the
backup/restore functionality provided by ESE API.

I'm interested in below listed Exchange restore cases:
1. A DataStore get corrupted and so an inplace restore of the DataStore is

2. Similar to the 1st, however the in-place StorageGroup restore is performed;

3. A problem occured on the StorageGroup and so the Administrator deleted
and recreated it. The new storage group has the same name as the original
one, however it has a different GUID as it was recreated. A restore is needed
(see below).

4. An server hosting AD and Exchange crashed. There is NO ASR (or similar)
backup available. There are only active directory backup and Exchange
on-DataStore backups available.

ad 1.
As I know, it is possible to restore all the data by using only C API. The
only limitaion is, the allow-overwrite setting should be set (can this be
controller using C API) and indexes should be recreated manually after
restore (can the index recreate be started using C API?).

ad 2.
I guess the sitiation (limitations) are same as 1st.

ad 3.
Can the in-place restore be performed using ONLY C API << so automated by
using C API?

ad 4.
As I know, the OS should be reinstalled. Afterwards it should be rebooted to
active-directory recovery mode where the AD is restored. Afterwards the
computer should be restarted, Exchange installed (using some special switch)
and afterwards backups can be restored using ONLY C API (automation).
Is this true - is such a scenario real at all?

- What about IIS as Exchange is dependant on IIS?
- What about extending the AD schema in the 4th case - is it needed to be
done 'manually' by starting the appriopriate program. Does this mean the
restore can not be automated in this case?

Thanks and best regards,
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