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1 15th April 10:20
steve easton
External User
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Default A friendy request / reminer

Although I enjoy answering personal e-mails, *Please*
post responses and requests for additional help back to the
new group for the following reasons:
1. The MVP's and other posters all work together, so that if
one of us is off-line, another will pick up a thread and answer it.
2. The MVP's all see things from a different perspective due to
their experience level with different features of FrontPage.
3. Posting back to the news group lets other people know
if an answer or solution was successful.
4. I often open Outlook Express in "News Reader Only" mode,
and may not see your e-mail for several hours.

Thank You.
Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
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2 15th April 10:20
e. t. culling
External User
Posts: 1
Default A friendy request / reminer

And another reminder, if I can. If any of us (and I'm not a MVP) offer
suggestions that work for you please amswer back to tell us what worked and
what didn't.
A nice 'thank you' is very appreciated also.
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3 15th April 10:20
md websunlimited
External User
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Default A friendy request / reminer

Also see
It was complied back when I was an MVP

Mike -- FrontPage MVP '97-'02
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4 15th April 10:20
kevin spencer
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Default A friendy request / reminer

I used to anwer all the personal emails I got from people in the newsgroups.
After awhile of that I created a "template" email that informed them that I
couldn't answer questions personally. Finally, I gave up, and simply don't
respond to personal emails from newsgroup postings.

Kevin Spencer
..Net Developer
Microsoft MVP
Big things are made up
of lots of little things.
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