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1 26th March 23:26
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Default Shortcuts failure and IE 7 install...

I'm one of those dudes that bookmark everything i deem important,
using a complex series of folders within folders by name association.
I do this with pc files and internet pages.
As a result I've bookmarked hundreds of shortcuts, which I depend on
for my library of info, rather than browse all over the web each day.
A week ago I installed IE=7, and didnt' take any precautions; trusting
Microsoft to have their shi_t together, which they never do.

Now none of my shortcuts work. I uninstalled IE7, and they still don't
Also my HP XP Home edition CD R writer is acting funny now, and won't
let me copy the stored version of my favs folder on to a disk: A
dialogue box keeps interrupting the 'copy to' function with a dialogue
box that says "Sorry, Microsoft Internet Explorer has to close now, do
you want to tell Microsoft (send a message) about this error?"

What the hell... what happened here???

Anybody have this problem or related issues?

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