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1 4th August 19:20
External User
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Default js loaded in bad way

hello wverybody...
i've got a terrible matter with JS

my browsers (either IE and NN) load the external scripts uncorrectly...they
load the files from the half part of them and not from the beginning, so my
scripts don't work giving syntax errors.

can you give me a solution?
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2 4th August 19:20
External User
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Default js loaded in bad way

i show here the translation of my problem from italian to english made by
google language tool ( i hope it will be not so bad).then there are the
files : accesso.php is a simple example of the strange behaviour and
articoli is something more complex (it has 2 external files)

the project one that I am developing has many functions JS that I have put
in external files. until a month ago they worked well... i stopped
developing for a month for personal reasons and now that I have resumed my
project I have noticed one matter... all the scripts come load evil from
the browsers i use (NN and MSIE), in the sense that, as the NN Javascript
console tells me, the files js with the functions come loaded incomplete,
that is do not from the beginning but from a particular point approximately
to the half of the file. that cause the loss of functions and obviously
syntax errors...

in the past month i installed some windows updates,
i use apache 2,0,52 on win xp sp2

help me... is my thesis of bachelor! thaks a lot
"Pasquale" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
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