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1 13th April 12:06
bob barrows [mvp]
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Default Out-of-process recordset

That is bydesign. You cannot marshal objects across process boundaries
byref. They can only be passed byval.

Correct. That is the only way this can be done.

No. One would have to pass the changed data back to the server, which would
process it and make the changes to its own data store.

You pass the changed, disconnected recordset back to the server, which
reconnects it to the data source and uses UpdateBatch to process its

Bob Barrows.
Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET
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2 13th April 12:06
mark guerrieri
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Default Out-of-process recordset

In another property of a different object in the same OOP Server, I return a
recordset's Fields collection as an IDispatch*, and changes made to the data
in the client through the returned interface ARE propegated back to the
recordset in the server automatically.

Is there any way to create a mock recordset in the client and attach the
returned Fields collection to it? I just want to be able to set the
sourceRecordset property on a RDS object so data binding can be used to edit
the recordset on a page. Unfortunately, I control the server, but my
customers will create their own pages and I don't want to have to rely on
them having to call an "Update Recordset" method on the server before
leaving every page to make sure changes get sent back.

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