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1 1st February 08:56
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Default per-website ISAPI Filter DLL registration.

While installing ISAPI filters for individual Web sites ,
we encountered the error
An attempt was made to load
filter 'C:\bin\ISAPIFilter.dll' on a server instance but
it requires the SF_NOTIFY_READ_RAW_DATA filter
notification so it must be loaded as a global filter.
It seems we cannot filter raw data in a per-site filter
and can do only in a global filter. Perhaps IIS does the
per-site partitioning after the raw data filtering takes

on the IIS process , for the purpose of trapping the
traffic of one
particular web site.
The current technique for registering the ISAPI filter DLL
uses the old way
of doing things, which applies to websites running under
IIS. I set the path
of the dll in the registry key as follows:
Parameters to
I want my dll to work only for the defined web site and
not all the websites
running on iis process. Per-website configuration is
required . I think this
can be done through Internet Information Services UI and
It also can be done
programmatically (through scripts?), but I don't know how
exactly. If
possible, it should be done using scripts, so that
installation can be
automated. Client for which we are working are apparently
running multiple
websites on the same IIS server, so it would be nice to
apply our filtering
only to certain websites.

Any pointers on this direction would be of great help.
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