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1 22nd December 20:58
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Default A Jewel In The Midst of India

A Jewel in The Midst:
Welcome To The Peace and Contentment, That The Great Nation India Brings.. A
Jewel in The Midst of Perils About The Globe. This Great Nation Has Become
The Ninth Wonder of The World Being Peaceable and with Patience and Has
Through Their Dexterity, Overcome For The Most Part In Their Fear and
Trembling.. The Karma They Faced of Their Culture of A Round Peg in A Round
Hole. This Is The Prototype of Enlightenment For The Nation India To Copy
For It's Other Two Thirds, of It's Nations, And The Statistics To Gather For
The Nations of The World, Not By Pillaging, But To Protect The 300 Million
"Middle Class" Citizenry of India.. As A Jewel In The Midst, Known In
Christian Circles, We Moan Our Perils, Known As "Rejoice In Their Rejoicing,
and Sorrow In Their Sorrow", As We Would Hurricane Dean, and The Tragedy of
Greece.. Now See The Sparkling Jewel of India, The 300 Million "Middle
Class". To Copy This If We're Fortunate Enough, For A Price, Like With Kids
Gloves, Not Destroy The New Mesopotamia of The Civilized in A Peace and
Contentment Civilization, To Rejoice in The Jewel of India. This Is A
Proto-Type For "The House That Jack Once Built" For The World To Praise, As
We Once Did The Nile, or Babylon or America. Don't Get Lost In The Equation
of One Billion People In The Statistic, But "Overlap" The Example of The 300
Million For Them and For The World At Large.. That Would Make The Former
Super Powers of War, with It's Three Hundred Million.. Russia and The United
States Achieve It's "Karma" of Communism (Equality), And The United States of
Said Amount of People with It's "Karma" or Democracy (Equality).. This Is The
Peace On Earth, No Matter What You "Label" It.. For The Globe To Follow..
Giving and Sharing Our Gifts with One Another. That Is A House Built On A
Rock of Peace and Contentment. Honor This Force of Overcoming Their Negative
Karma, with Fast Proving Positive Results.

In The Next Script I'll Elaborate On "The Greed" of The Hunter.. And It
Being A Walking Refrigerator (The Encapsulated Meat or Vitamins and Minerals
of The Bison) or That We Pillaged in Laziness.
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