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1 30th April 08:09
john earls
External User
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Default Background images not viable (or printable)

I an a new web developer using MS Front Page 2002
Every page in the web I am building contains tables with
multiple rows and columns, each having a graphic as a
background. Within each cell, there is typically text and
other graphics (thumbnails of items)

In Normal view and Preview view, these images re visible
as the background images for cells. However, once I
published the web, they are not visible.

Q. How can I make the background images for cells

Also, when I print the page while on-line, these same
background images are also absent.

Q. How do I configure the page (and/or images) to print
if the viewer decides they want to print out the web page?
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2 30th April 08:09
thomas a. rowe
External User
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Default Background images not viable (or printable)

1. URL to the site in question is?
2. Which browser/version are you viewing the site in?
3. Is your browser configured to show images and to print images?


Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)
FrontPage Resources, Forums, WebCircle,
MS KB Quick Links, etc.
To assist you in getting the best answers for FrontPage support see:
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3 30th April 08:09
jim buyens
External User
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Default Background images not viable (or printable)

Not all browsers can display background images you
configure for table cells. Which browser were you using?

A setting on each Web visitor's browser configures this.
Most web pages look much better in print without the
background. Supressing the background is therefore the
usual default.

This is up to the Web visitor, not you.

Lesson: Never use background picures to display essential
page elements.

Jim Buyens
Microsoft FrontPage MVP
Author of:
|| Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out ||
|| Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002 Inside Out ||
|| Web Database Development Step by Step .NET Edition ||
|| Troubleshooting Microsoft FrontPage 2002 ||
|| Faster Smarter Beginning Programming ||
|| (All from Microsoft Press) ||
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